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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by AgilePoint.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 6 case studies. Browse this list to see how AgilePoint has worked with different customers like Daisy Brand and Reed Exhibitions.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by AgilePoint.

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Providing high quality cultured dairy products since 1917, Daisy Brand is an example of a firm that was able to gain more value from their existing IT infrastructure. Prior to their AgilePoint deployment, they had already made extensive IT investments in an ERP system (Protean), order management, logistics, and shipping applications along with a variety of other custom-developed in-house applications. With AgilePoint, process-based applications were built on business requirements that spanned multiple systems.

Kevin Brown

Chief Information Officer, Daisy Brand
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Reed’s objective was to build an automated workflow-driven marketing system to unify multiple platforms and combine their data into a single Salesforce.com repository providing advanced analytics as well as to leverage their marketing automation system (Eloqua) to improve their customer engagement experience. To run their operations, Reed relies on many legacy and on-premise solutions that are tightly integrated with the existing CMS which took years to create and integrate with other line of business systems. The challenge was to integrate, in a single process, various cloud technologies and create a real-time transactional system governed by complex business rules. This task was not simply, data integration and exchange. They also needed to integrate existing on-premise and new cloud-based systems, support diverse customer platforms and technologies, automate enterprise-wide workflows and include support for mobile devices and social technologies. Instead of taking years as they did before, Reed needed to connect these cloud services and on-premise systems cost effectively and quickly.

Anurag Pathik

Head of IT and Development, Reed Exhibitions
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The Organizational Director wanted to streamline the process for campaign initiation as well as management & measurement across internal and external cross-functional teams in Marketing, Public Relations, Design, and Procurement that are needed to execute campaigns for all 400 branches. Campaign initiation, management, and measurement all involve tasks that are resource dependent, approval dependent, and set against predefined timelines, so any increase in coordination efficiency will increase the likelihood projects are not finished late. Lastly, management wanted a mechanism in place that would allow running processes to be quickly adapted in the event of date, priority, or sequence of event changes.

Alfonso Yeregui

Manager, IT, Caja Laboral
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Elbit needed a solution that would work effectively with SharePoint, VB, and .NET from a functional perspective and addressed technology requirements that called for the distribution of new applications throughout the organization. During the selection process Elbit took into consideration two different types of users: IT pros that would build components to access various applications, and business analysts that would build process-enabled applications for the end-user without any need for specialized knowledge of the back-end applications.

Shmulik Volkenfeld

Director, IT, Elbit Systems
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The firm wanted to implement process-enabled applications that would provide a completely transparent view to any regulator of their Accounting Control and Compliance processes. This would reduce resources used to demonstrate how regulatory requirements were met as well as reduce the likelihood of penalties due to manual process errors (ex: losing an envelope of paperwork).

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