"We have multiple data sources that we use in the organization including two ERPs, an ecommerce softwa..."
Jesse Owsley
Software Program Manager
"We had data in multiple platforms and had to manually create reports just to access the data we neede..."
Robert Stewart
Software Developer
"The functionality is one of the things we lead with when we sell to clients. We think we have the bes..."
John Laws
Director of Learning Management
"Users had to have a basic knowledge of SQL in order to use these pre-made reports, and most of our cu..."
Debbie Giffin
Project Manager
"Many users have become experts in their own areas in writing reports i.e. IR uses Informer to do the..."
Douglas Hedges
Dean of Information Technology Services
"Static reports were problematic for many departments, and varying reporting needs were almost impossi..."
Mark Hennessey
IT Services division of the Department
"We were unable to create adequate ‘exception reporting’ that could be supplied to our users in a time..."
Brenda Sheplawy
IT Manager
"Informer has saved so much time in report development without relying on expensive consultancy to gen..."
Trevor Savin
Support Analyst
"The challenges were trying to develop a powerful and flexible enough tool that allowed some level of..."
Alicia Harris
"Our users would often call on IT with custom reporting requests, which were a considerable cost for..."
Paul Erickson
Computer Services Coordinator
"The improved interface and functionality in Informer’s latest release not only increases accessibilit..."
Jeff Jones
Institutional Research
"I find Informer a great product that will compliment any public safety agency by giving them the abil..."
Joseph Riquelme
Motorola Solutions
"Informer was VERY easy to install. A few simple steps and no problems...."
Joan Anderson
Gustavus Adolphus College
"As a result of using Informer 5, Barry will save thousands of dollars by moving many of our analytica..."
Regina Lopez
Director of Database Services
"We rely on Informer’s powerful reporting and dashboard functionality to keep us on top of all of our..."
Arlo Murphy
Director of Business Intelligence and Audience Services
"I recommend Informer to both the novice and experienced professional. I believe these reports give us..."
Andi Bolin

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