"The functionality is one of the things we lead with when we sell to clients. We think we have the bes..."
John Laws
Director of Learning Management
"Users had to have a basic knowledge of SQL in order to use these pre-made reports, and most of our cu..."
Debbie Giffin
Project Manager
"Our consultant would provide report access to various employees based on their security level or auth..."
Kiran Patel
AAAA World
"The underlying technology of Informer is very robust allowing the mashup of multiple data sources as..."
Mike Woster
Chief Operating Officer
"We were unable to create adequate ‘exception reporting’ that could be supplied to our users in a time..."
Brenda Sheplawy
IT Manager
"If a report didn’t already exist we would have to, with considerable time and effort, write a program..."
Karen Whitlow
Systems Analyst
"There were a few power users capable of writing their own queries, but this duty was primarily an IT..."
Ben Diel
CIS System Administrator
"The challenges were trying to develop a powerful and flexible enough tool that allowed some level of..."
Alicia Harris
"Selections run much quicker and the ability to manipulate the result view immediately after the repor..."
Duane Roth
IT Programmer/Analyst
"We have many users that are able to create 90% of their reports on their own and only need IT when th..."
Kyle Rima
Database Administrator
"Informer significantly enhanced our overall product offering, which is particularly valuable in today..."
George Land
"If you have a lot of information and want to be able to summarize perhaps graphically and still allow..."
Stuart Shepherd
Managing Director
"End-users like the ability to schedule reports and have them emailed out to others – it really simpli..."
William Parks
Programmer, Systems Analyst
"Over one hundred end users enjoy real-time access to admissions, enrollment, academic, budgeting, fin..."
Greg Bailey
Associate Director, Information Technology
"I find Informer a great product that will compliment any public safety agency by giving them the abil..."
Joseph Riquelme
Motorola Solutions
"The crown jewel of Informer is the Discover feature which enables people to easily explore data on th..."
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