"We have multiple data sources that we use in the organization including two ERPs, an ecommerce softwa..."
Jesse Owsley
Software Program Manager
"The main challenge was the urgency of the user needs and unclear requirements. A lot of time had to b..."
Hanumant Borate
Database Administrator
"Our data is in much better shape than it used to be. I set up scheduled reports once and don’t have t..."
Kristin Richmond
Director of Human Resources Information Systems
"Users would have to input an exact prompt to bring back the data they wanted. There was no way to ret..."
Dave Prose
Senior Systems Architect
"Numerous man hours were eliminated by the utilization of the software in terms of closings and revenu..."
Keith Hafner
"Our consultant would provide report access to various employees based on their security level or auth..."
Kiran Patel
AAAA World
"The major inefficiencies were that end-users required IT to do the work for them; this took hours awa..."
Ron Darschewski
Jr., Associate Director of Computer Services
"There were a few power users capable of writing their own queries, but this duty was primarily an IT..."
Ben Diel
CIS System Administrator
"Informer offered us the opportunity to provide managers with some self-serve options without having t..."
Kathie Ryan
Training Coordinator
"The biggest challenge was trying to compare production year to year and month to month by individual..."
Tim Smith
Agency Manager
"End-users like the ability to schedule reports and have them emailed out to others – it really simpli..."
William Parks
Programmer, Systems Analyst
"The Entrinsik support people are just top-notch. You can email them, call them, and they get right ba..."
Bill Pizer
The Sage Colleges
"I find Informer a great product that will compliment any public safety agency by giving them the abil..."
Joseph Riquelme
Motorola Solutions
"As a result of using Informer 5, Barry will save thousands of dollars by moving many of our analytica..."
Regina Lopez
Director of Database Services
"The crown jewel of Informer is the Discover feature which enables people to easily explore data on th..."
Leading Equipment and Related Parts Wholesale Distributing Company
BI Director
"Awesome! There are so many bells and whistles in Informer 5 I feel like a guy who has been driving a..."
Peter Cross
Saint Michael’s College

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