"We had data in multiple platforms and had to manually create reports just to access the data we neede..."
Robert Stewart
Software Developer
"Numerous man hours were eliminated by the utilization of the software in terms of closings and revenu..."
Keith Hafner
"Many users have become experts in their own areas in writing reports i.e. IR uses Informer to do the..."
Douglas Hedges
Dean of Information Technology Services
"Static reports were problematic for many departments, and varying reporting needs were almost impossi..."
Mark Hennessey
IT Services division of the Department
"Our consultant would provide report access to various employees based on their security level or auth..."
Kiran Patel
AAAA World
"The underlying technology of Informer is very robust allowing the mashup of multiple data sources as..."
Mike Woster
Chief Operating Officer
"We were unable to create adequate ‘exception reporting’ that could be supplied to our users in a time..."
Brenda Sheplawy
IT Manager
"If a report didn’t already exist we would have to, with considerable time and effort, write a program..."
Karen Whitlow
Systems Analyst
"We needed a way to schedule reports and get the information into the hands of the users quickly and e..."
Michael Franz
CFO at R&R Insurance Services
"Informer offered us the opportunity to provide managers with some self-serve options without having t..."
Kathie Ryan
Training Coordinator
"End-users like the ability to schedule reports and have them emailed out to others – it really simpli..."
William Parks
Programmer, Systems Analyst
"Over one hundred end users enjoy real-time access to admissions, enrollment, academic, budgeting, fin..."
Greg Bailey
Associate Director, Information Technology
"Informer has been the best investment we’ve made since we converted our administrative software to a..."
Kevin Houk
Applications Systems Analyst
"Informer’s easy-to-use interface allows management to access data they need to see and customize data..."
David Calvert
Information Systems Manager
"Awesome! There are so many bells and whistles in Informer 5 I feel like a guy who has been driving a..."
Peter Cross
Saint Michael’s College
"The possibilities are endless in terms of how data can be combined and sorted. There’s not much you c..."
Craig Babigian
F.W. Davison & Co.

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