"It’s immediate and it’s the full information. Everything that the marketing team knows the sales team..."
Michael Brondello
Glider (FPX)
"It takes me one second to get a tweet from somebody instead of 2-3 minutes doing an email … in our da..."
Mitchell Cuevas
UP Global (Startup Weekend)
"Zapier quietly works in the background. My team is now using process to be more productive without ev..."
Ophelie Lechat
"Zapier patched together a process that helped me generate $13,000 in sales opportunities for every we..."
Nemo Chu
Director of Customer Acquisition & Success
"We look at (Zapier) as our Swiss Army Knife with all the different platforms that we’re on...."
Kenton Olson
Seahawks and Sounders FC
"We can reach out to double the amount of people that we could without this integration...."
Dennis van der Heijden
Chief Executive Officer
"I was wasting hours each week doing data entry. Zapier now handles it seamlessly...."
Nir Eyal
"With Zapier, our sales team can follow up with leads in less than 5 minutes. Zapier is a quick win fo..."
Eric Siu
Chief Executive Officer
"Now that Zapier handles all the busywork of moving data back and forth, I know that when I look in Po..."
John F. Learn
"We weren't able to scale with people to read the applications, we had to scale with software...."
Kyle Taylor
Launchpad LA
"We set up some automations in Zapier to offer the recorded videos for purchase after they finished th..."
Dorian Collier
Make Believe Labs
"We don't automate communication. We automate the little things. That allows us to save time, in order..."
Andrew Apanov
Dotted Music and WeSpin
"With Zapier we don't miss anything. We can focus on building our company instead of tedious data entr..."
Paul Arterburn
"This is perfect for us at a stage where it helps extend our runway, where we're not having to spend a..."
Dodd Caldwell
"I'm not sure how I could even run the business if I didn't have something like Zapier … I would be sp..."
Colette Palamar
Urban Baby Bonnets
"I can now quickly push my new blog ideas straight from Evernote into my Google Calendar which ensures..."
David Iwanow
Lost Press Marketing

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