"We have relied on Xangati for a number of years now to help us quickly see where bottlenecks are in a..."
Shawn Wood
Assistant Manager, Systems Administration
"Instead of a red, green or yellow light, Xangati allows you to pinpoint and drill down to [VMs] in re..."
Paul Holt
Director, Network Services, Memorial Care Medical Center
"Seeing all the physical and virtual components in one dashboard gives us tremendous faith in the data..."
Simon Callow
Head of IT, Produce World
"I cannot say this about a lot of products, but I can say that Xangati has been a game changer for us..."
Travis Conley
CTO, North and South America
"The biggest benefit of Xangati was how the VDI Dashboard showed me what items were not causing an iss..."
Dan Novak
IT Manager, Euclid
"Xangati is giving us everything we need and more...."
Endre Walls
Chief Technology Officer
"Other management solutions we looked at simply couldn’t deliver for the cloud’s dynamic and shared in..."
Todd Scalzott
Director, Information Technology, Provider of Innovative Security Systems, Kastle Systems
"There’s a tipping point and if it’s right at the cusp, you don’t know that. Without something like Xa..."
Richard Kreuzburg
Director of IT
"With Xangati, we can accurately track and profile VDI end-user activity from a single console – a cap..."
Ron Lee
Senior Systems Engineer, Oral Roberts University
"We were able to see the interactions of all four servers running our document management system. This..."
Julian Rawlinson
Head, Information Services and Systems (ISS), Dickson Minto
"Xangati is great, within days of installation it had paid for itself. Xangati showed us that we had a..."
Thomas Ide
Network Administrator, Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center
"The Xangati solution has an ongoing role in managing the virtual infrastructure at Target Australia...."
Paul Watmough
Delivery Centre Manager, Technology Services, Target Australia
"Xangati enables administrators to quickly and easily see and assess how different parts of the infras..."
Roger Lund
"Having a Health Index that alerts us to potential issues takes a huge load off of our shoulders by gi..."
Stephen Kwiatek
Network Administrator, MERSD
"Xangati represents an extended value proposition by providing a wealth of data for analyzing and miti..."
Allen Clasen
Director of IT
"Xangati is a powerful solution that now lets me see not only virtual-to-physical communications but v..."
Davin Garcia
IT Manager, Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.

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