"We’re blowing people away with the quality of the streams, and they’re so easy to manage. We push all..."
Scott LaBounty
Director Video Production
"Wowza software worked right out of the box. What was more impressive, it streamed uninterrupted live..."
Scott Freeman
"Wowza has helped us to massively broaden our online audience by providing an efficient, easy-to-manag..."
Alexander Josiassen
Operations and Technical Manager
"I love it when a technology just works, and Wowza does that. That reliability is very valuable, freei..."
Ron Kozlowski
"Our Wowza-based streaming infrastructure enables us to use the broadcasting of astronomical events as..."
Francisco Sánchez
Associate Professor
"Reliability, scalability, and exceptional support are must-haves for any CDN; Wowza enables us to del..."
James G. Hart
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"Wowza Streaming Engine is as flexible as a Swiss army knife. You only have to send Wowza one high-qua..."
Ian Fritzsche
Director of Media Services
"The Wowza building blocks allow us to provision stable and cost-effective solutions to IPTV and OTT p..."
Sander Bakker
VP business development
"With a live production, there are always gremlins. Wowza is probably the most solid piece in our infr..."
Casey Charvet
Director of research and development
"We knew live streaming and highlights would be an experience every athlete and parent would enjoy— it..."
Jeffrey Lawson
Founder & CEO
"We have continued to use Wowza [because] it’s really a good fit from a scalability standpoint for our..."
Ben Kant
Chief Executive Officer
"This is truly the most innovative thing to happen in live encoding...."
Rob Baynard
"It is nice how easily you can pair it with any Facebook account and choose it as your encoder...."
Craig Babcock
Assistant Producer and Associate Technical Director
"The [ClearCaster] product is, in my opinion, the easiest I’ve ever seen to get people online. If chur..."
Allen Hendrix
Minister of Communications
"Using the Wowza commercial grade software for streaming media helped make LearnCore enterprise ready...."
Ethan Linkner
Co-Founder and COO
"Even with developers on staff that have been working with Wowza for years, Wowza Professional Service..."
Dustin Stern
Vice President of Engineering

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