"Worldpay provides outstanding care and support to help HK Express acquire in a number of currencies s..."
Simon Gu
General Manager, Finance & Legal
"Worldpay provides us with global acquiring services and has helped us expand our global reach to new..."
China Southern Airlines
"Unlike other companies that do a great job selling a solution and then disappear, Worldpay is truly o..."
Arturo Mendoza
Finance Director
"Working alongside Worldpay has given us a huge competitive edge in the market, as seen by the multitu..."
Douglas Pacheco
Alliances Manager
"Thanks to Worldpay, we now have a sophisticated, comprehensive and scalable payment service that enab..."
Shinji Sakurai
Finance Director
"Above and beyond the payment processing capabilities Worldpay offers, it’s the level of customer serv..."
Derek Gannon
Chief Operating Officer
"Worldpay’s expertise in global payments, the alternative payment landscape and the airline sector mak..."
Paul Roberts
Chief Financial Officer
"Worldpay are a trusted advisor and partner to Caribbean Airlines. They provide industry expertise, ex..."
Caribbean Airlines
Head of Payments
"The combination of hardware software and speed of integration, I think is very important to find some..."
Ben Deller
Head of UK Marketing & Global Design
"The main thing is that the funds reach our bank account as soon as they can. We also need good rates..."
Lynda Miller
Administration Manager
"Worldpay’s focus and attention to detail has continued in all aspects of our relationship, helping us..."
Chris Koch
Chief Financial Officer
"With Worldpay, we are now qualified to centrally manage worldwide sales data from our headquarters. F..."
Keisuke Nakahara
Deputy Director, Finance Department
"Worldpay has the expertise and resources to help us serve different markets and meet the regulations..."
Christian Nieto
Director, Means of Payment
"Our mission is to make life easier for consumers, and that ethos applies to our customer experience t..."
Juan Pablo Ortega
"With Worldpay, what we have done is dedicate ourselves to optimize one product for all of our countri..."
Andrés Vargas
Processing Manager
"For a provider who has taken care of us in terms of processing, price, monitoring, reporting—all of t..."
Jim Farrar
Assistant Manager, Point of Sale and Sales Systems

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