"The new Wdesk process makes all the teams very happy...."
Jennifer Bartlett
SEC Analyst II
"We wanted a modern process to make our internal reporting easier, so we could spend more time analyzi..."
Andrew Campbell
Senior Analyst, Coporate Development
"Wdesk is a great product, and the customer service absolutely sets Workiva apart from any company I h..."
Mike Flood
Vice President of Finance
"Wdesk for SOX saves us time and keeps us more organized. I really like it and I tell everyone they sh..."
Kerrin Bakhos
Senior Financial Reporting Analysthttps://media.licdn.com/dms/image/C5603AQFxY9eKX1sycQ/profile-displayphoto-shrink_800_800/0?e=1531958400&v=beta&t=VoNs2aVAM19R81omVZPxECPJz6dnoXte9T-ClJm6RL0
"Wdesk has improved our SOX process...."
Lanie Mai
Director of SEC Reporting
"Our CFO noticed how quickly we’ve been turning reports. This year’s annual report compared to last ye..."
Jordan LaBorde
Senior Accountant
"Workiva has shown me that they value our input and take it seriously...."
Bradley Carroll
Senior Vice President, Director of Internal Audit
"The ability to add processes, risks, and controls to the existing Wdesk ERM framework is so easy...."
Marissa Palmer
SOX and Compliance Manager
"Now that we’re using Wdesk, we have a single source of truth for our information. It has helped a lot..."
European Technology Company
"Wdesk has quickly become the platform that we can’t live without...."
Leading Utility Company 
"Once it is in full operation, I have no doubt the time savings will be significant in terms of knowin..."
Leading Insurance Company
Director of Accounting
"Using Wdesk isn’t difficult—that’s the beauty of it. One of the downsides to the other products we lo..."
Largest Financial Institution
Rreporting Manager
"Workiva only makes the changes we want them to change. One iteration and it’s done. We probably went..."
Reporting Manager
"With the level of web-based training available from Wdesk, as well as the fact that it’s such a user-..."
Leading Medical Company
"Younger employees use technology to solve problems differently than their predecessors. Combined with..."
Rosiland Brooks-Harris
Deputy Director of Finance
"Without Wdesk, there would be no way I could take on additional functions and responsibilities in my..."
Energy Company
Financial Analyst

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