"Windward helped us meet our customers’ specific reporting needs and get our product to market faster...."
Barbara Lasseigne
Product Manager, Envoc
"Farming customers need to exactly represent government forms in their business. Windward allowed us t..."
Aaron Hutchinson
"Switching to Windward helped us reduce the time it takes to create document templates by about 80%. O..."
Anil Annadata
"Clients tell us changes they can now do in 10 minutes would have cost $50,000 or more with their prev..."
Martin Stewart
Director of Strategy
"The speed of design is definitely saving us time compared to JasperReports...."
Arshan Dabirsiaghi
Application Security Engineer
"The process of creating a new report is at least five times faster...."
Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
"Customers are ecstatic about the document automation solutions PSC put in place and are benefiting wi..."
Hit Mistry
Director of Engagement Management
"Windward helps us give our members a consistent, quick and accurate experience at the time of onboard..."
Kevin McCormack
Technology Solutions Manager
"The flexibility of the tool is one of the most likable parts of Windward, along with the great suppor..."
Vivek Sethia
CEO and Co-Founder
"Plus, integrating the .NET Engine was a no-brainer. We just dropped the ASP code example that Windwar..."
Tom Nazelli
President and CEO
"Windward is the best solution available for Presentation and On-Demand Reporting because of its small..."
Ethan Kayes
Aon Hewitt
"In the set up we had a few questions on some very detailed modifications and the customer service was..."
Ted Peters
"Highly recommend it for companies looking for a new tool to create their company reports in...."
Jim Aiken
"AutoTag is built within the Office suite and is therefore able to leverage all the familiar features...."
Anthony Vengrofski
Programming Team Lead
"We Switched Because Windward Offered Better Maintenance...."
Paul Dillon
Business Analyst
"The IT project manager estimates that by implementing Windward, his group now spends only a tenth of..."
US Government Agency

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