"We sent out Windsor Circle enabled emails on 9/16/13, and the result was a 2.38x lift from our averag..."
Jim Knight
VP Marketing & eCommerce
"We try to run a lot of smaller sales and we can do that now because I can use Segment Builder to dete..."
Chris Manduka
Marketing Manager
"With these replenishment messages, we’re able to anticipate each customer’s needs, often before reord..."
Duana L. Bullins
"I was interested in retention, but as a one-man operation I didn’t think I was at that scale yet. But..."
Ben Jones
"Windsor Circle had my eCommerce data into my email platform literally overnight. My first two sends g..."
Sean Godier
Vice President of Ecommerce
"When we dive into the platform itself, we really have access to data to make educated decisions inste..."
Jason Gazaway
Marketing & Branding Manager
"Originally, this was supposed to be another 10% off coupon but when we looked at the data, we found o..."
Ramy Badie
"Windsor Circle has delivered. You see it in the numbers. I do believe it's the single best thing we d..."
Phil Masiello
Co-founder & CEO
"We were already doing cart recovery emails prior to Windsor Circle but we saw improvement due to the..."
Alex Gonzalez
"I like the dashboard, and we use this information all the time, even when we’re sending our weekly em..."
Tygh Bailes
"We have higher than normal cart abandonment because the eCommerce world is getting very accustomed to..."
Stephen Enfield
President and CEO
"Creating a replenishment campaign was a no brainer for us, as we sell consumable products - namely co..."
Ziv Karmi
eCommerce Manager
"We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using datadriven lifec..."
Ben Kirshner
Chief Executive Officer
"In regards to our online store we often use many vendors to keep us up and running. But I must say Wi..."
Laura Busby
eCommerce Manager
"Before Windsor Circle we were blanket emailing our entire database a couple of times a week with what..."
Greg Hughes
"Product replenishment is a critical component of our retention marketing strategy. And Windsor Circle..."
Jackie Delaney
Email Marketing Manager

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