"With WhereScape® RED, we were able to build, validate and begin using the student module subject area..."
Ken Flerlage
Business Intelligence Functional Architect
"WhereScape writes most of the code that runs our data warehouse. We’ve built over 4,000 landing table..."
Eric Martz
Project Manager
"I have been involved in a number of data warehouse and ETL projects in the past and this was by far t..."
Mark Prior
Head of IT
"WhereScape is enabling us to get value from the sensor data and shorten times to market; we are able..."
Leading Automotive Company
"With WhereScape, you are emboldened to experiment and process data in ways in which you would previou..."
Alex Gooi
Business Analyst
"WhereScape RED has greatly sped up how fast I can get something in front of the customer and have an..."
Joe Horton
Business Intelligence Architect
"With WhereScape, we can build a solution from the ground up in an hour. If a picture is worth a thous..."
Michael Magalsky
Enterprise Data Architect
"Lamar is now able to provide much better reporting and analytics to our stakeholders. New insights ar..."
Jude Robert
Director of IT Operations
"WhereScape® RED is a complete lifecycle management framework that encourages best practice. WhereScap..."
Sutan Pati
Knowledge Management
"BI is a living thing. You always get new figures, new attributes, new dimensions. The world is changi..."
Stephan Schaumburg-Lippe
IT-Consultant / Application Development
"Combining WhereScape’s data warehouse automation tools with Snowflake's zero administration service i..."
Kent Graziano
Chief Technical Evangelist
"WhereScape plays an integral part in our Data Vault development and is enabling us to substantially i..."
Steve Taylor
Director of Enterprise Architecture
"With WhereScape, the whole reporting process was far more efficient and accurate than our previous mo..."
David Rutherford
Head of Application and Data Architecture
"There would have been no way I would have gotten from the start of the project to the end of the proj..."
Ray Shell
IT Specialist
"With the last project we had 10-15 external resources, and now with automation we have 90% of the pro..."
Gallus Messmer
Data Warehouse Architect
"Now I can actually go on vacation and I don’t have to read my emails. I don’t have to get up at six i..."
Torgil Hellman
Chief Architect

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