"With WhereScape® RED, we were able to build, validate and begin using the student module subject area..."
Ken Flerlage
Business Intelligence Functional Architect
"WhereScape writes most of the code that runs our data warehouse. We’ve built over 4,000 landing table..."
Eric Martz
Project Manager
"Immediately upon seeing WhereScape RED in action, we recognized the software contained the capabiliti..."
Dana Keith
Manager of Applications and Data Warehousing
"WhereScape is enabling us to get value from the sensor data and shorten times to market; we are able..."
Leading Automotive Company
"One of our guiding principles is analytics is greater than engineering. We look for tools and process..."
Dustin Spangler
Vice President of Data & Analytics
"With WhereScape, you are emboldened to experiment and process data in ways in which you would previou..."
Alex Gooi
Business Analyst
"I thought it must be marketing spiel, it couldn’t be that easy. Then, on day one of the proof of conc..."
Andrew Guy
Business Intelligence Consultant
"With WhereScape, we can build a solution from the ground up in an hour. If a picture is worth a thous..."
Michael Magalsky
Enterprise Data Architect
"We have found that WhereScape® RED is as flexible as we had hoped it would be and that WhereScape has..."
Gary Parsons
Former Manager
"A combination of people, process and technology, with WhereScape® RED being a key ingredient, enabled..."
Ahmad Malik
Director of Application IT Services
"WhereScape plays an integral part in our Data Vault development and is enabling us to substantially i..."
Steve Taylor
Director of Enterprise Architecture
"It’s my belief that systems are an enabler of business transformation. So, now that WhereScape is ess..."
Sarah Cobb
Business Systems Director
"We are seeing increasing interest in stream-based processing from mainstream companies, but many comp..."
Matt Aslett
Research Director
"Being able to strengthen our organization’s capabilities to leverage real-time data will enable us to..."
Gadi Glogowski
Product Line Manager
"With the new architecture and the new tooling, a release that took us two weeks now takes us two hour..."
Marleen Gebraad
Delivery Manager Datalogistics
"Even if you don’t use the documentation feature, the data lineage diagram and reports give you enough..."
Olivier Franssen
Software Development Expert

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