"The fact that data is encrypted and stored in multiple locations around the country to protect agains..."
Deborah Stack
Pediatric Therapy Center
"We Wera a small Clinic. And we just didn't have the space for additional file cabinets. Plus, our no..."
Michael Conlon
Finish Line Physical Therapy
"WebPT is seamless and painless and has allowes my clinic to survive as a small business practice focu..."
Amado Mendoza
A&M Therapy
"We found our experience with WebPT to be a positive One that has resulted in a number of benefits to..."
Joseph LaPorta
President & CEO
"WebPT-Therabill is amazing because it fulfills every desire I have as an office manager/biller. It au..."
Asia Giuffrida
Office Manager
"As clinicians, we are in tune with body mechanics, mechanisms of injury, and treatment strategies, bu..."
Dan McCutchen
Chief Compliance Officer
"I’m a more efficient therapist—and our billing is more efficient—with WebPT. Knowing I have the suppo..."
Eric Christensen
"The experience with WebPT to date has been very thorough, and the entire process was thought-out and..."
Mike Mufferi
Director of Satellite Services
"WebPT is clearly designed by a physical therapist WebPT understands from a technical perspective what..."
Joyce Glick
Vice President of Ambulatory Services
"WebPT is easy to use, doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and allows us to introduce students to real..."
Beth Ennis
Associate Professor
"When we do Google searches, all of our clinics now rank in slot number one or number two; that is a d..."
Dave Manzo
Director of Operations
"I am loving Analytics. It's so easy to gather important data regarding cancellations, visits, open no..."
Samir Sharma
Founder and Clinic Owner
"Now, when we add a location, it is simply plug-and-play with WebPT. There are many things to consider..."
Mike Manzo
Founder and CFO
"WebPT has been a godsend, It frees me up to do other things. It frees all of us up...."
Jeff Thomas
"I recently ordered a hi-lo table, and I could not have had a better experience. The WebPT Marketplace..."
Brian Hartz
Clinic Owner
"We were able to quickly develop interface connection capabilities and automate our connections. It be..."
Bruce Porter
Systems Analyst

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