"It is very important that I market technologies from companies that provide solid pre and post sale t..."
Kyle King
Owner of NexusSTOR
"Unitrends offers a solid solution to server protection that requires less administration, but all of..."
David Kennedy
Financial Asset Management Systems
"We didn’t have the funds to do the same level of backup as a large enterprise corporation...."
Rod Smith
IT Director
"I'll put my Unitrends box up against anything...any solution out there...."
Philip Moya
IT Manager
"As data grew, we simply ran out of hours in the day to complete the backups...."
John Hester
System Administrator
"There are two types of hard drives—those that fail and those that will fail...."
Tony Liotta
System Engineer
"We had to pay for every client...."
Doug Oliver
Washington County
"We had too much data to fit on one tape...."
Ken Cheney
IT Director
"The licensing scheme does not nickle and dime you to death everytime you want to add a server...."
Roger Strickland
Director of Information Technology
"Many times tapes had stretched, went bad or the drive would not read the good tape because the drive..."
Hebron Schools
"We’re a small school district with a very minimal hardware budget...."
Schoharie Central Schools
"I did not find many options that protected our type of environment, and I knew tape backups were unre..."
Calverley Supply Co Inc.
"It was tiring pulling tapes in and out, and the amount of data was growing...."
Brad Schulte
IT director
"We came very, very close to complete disaster and losing absolutely everything. That’s when I realize..."
Jon Ogden
IT Manager
"Tape couldn’t provide the time to recovery our customers needed, so it was time to start thinking abo..."
Cameron Sauce
Operations Manager
"When files are mistakenly deleted, I can fix it in about 3 minutes with Unitrends...."
John L. Brown
Northeast Missouri Health Council

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