"It’s been six months since we rolled out Unitrends, and so far, we are very happy with our purchase...."
Erik Sheldon
Systems Administrator
"Prior to 2007, we had DLT tapes and DAT tapes running on Backup Exec and ARCserve...."
David Glosser
IS Engineer
"Cisco UCS and Unitrends dramatically reduce downtimes for customers, which is particularly important..."
Chris Byrd
Virtualization Engineer
"I've found with Unitrends that support doesn't stop when you buy the product...."
Scott Youlden
VP of Information Technology
"Our County had been facing increasingly long backup windows, as our Friday night full backup processe..."
Craig Nelson
Director of Information Technologies
"There are two types of hard drives—those that fail and those that will fail...."
Tony Liotta
System Engineer
"We had too much data to fit on one tape...."
Ken Cheney
IT Director
"It was hard to keep up with. Our backup windows were growing too long and the physical management of..."
Suzanne Horton
Director of IT
"I love that everything “just works” with Unitrends...."
Ben Pearman
USA Volleyball
"We came very, very close to complete disaster and losing absolutely everything. That’s when I realize..."
Jon Ogden
IT Manager
"This is especially critical because we ship everything next day early delivery. A case that doesn’t s..."
"I did not find many options that protected our type of environment, and I knew tape backups were unre..."
Calverley Supply Co Inc.
"Many times tapes had stretched, went bad or the drive would not read the good tape because the drive..."
Hebron Schools
"When files are mistakenly deleted, I can fix it in about 3 minutes with Unitrends...."
John L. Brown
Northeast Missouri Health Council
"Tape couldn’t provide the time to recovery our customers needed, so it was time to start thinking abo..."
Cameron Sauce
Operations Manager
"Unitrends web interface is really intuitive. That has been the best part of this whole experience...."
Mike Wilson
AGA Marvel

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