"Our HR department saw the need to go paperless with our Onboarding process. Before implementing Ultim..."
Todd Cullinan
Ice Energy
"We continually seek ways to optimize our internal processes. With Ultimus in place, our processes are..."
Jonathan Jones
Project Manager, FirstPlus Financial Group PLC.
"I absolutely believe Ultimus is a great investment and would recommend them and their software to any..."
Darryle Hawkings
IT Manager
"This has been a big win for ProHealth Care Central Scheduling...."
Prohealth Care
"With the Ultimus BPM Suite, our approval process time was reduced by 77%...."
"I would highly recommend Ultimus to another business that had the same business problem we did. I bel..."
Bruce Nicholson
Systems Development Manager
"Ultimus has a top-class support team, from sharing 'best practices' to troubleshooting that enabled r..."
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
"Ultimus and its technology have always been on the cutting edge as the BPM industry has evolved, whic..."
"The ability to simulate a process step-by-step before going LIVE allows us to identify bottlenecks wi..."
Northrop Grumman
"The implementation of the Ultimus BPM Solution was smooth and efficient, and the results were immedia..."
Eyuboglu Schools
"With Ultimus, SemCams experienced performance improvements, reduced costs, and enhanced customer sati..."
"Ultimus represents a significant cost savings to our organization...."
Dallas-Area Children's Hospital
"One of the main reasons for deciding on the Ultimus BPM Suite was the easy to use interface for proce..."
Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA)
"Organizations such as If Latvia are realizing that BPM is a catalyst for streamlining the most import..."
Rick Thompson
Chief Marketing Officer, Ultimus
"We were able to increase our process efficiency by 97%...."
Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thueringen
"As the largest two-year technical college in the Midwest, part of our mission is to increase the prod..."
Mark Trask
Associate Vice President of IT, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)

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