"ActionOI enables us to trend our own performance, which has been extremely important in tracking not..."
Kate Heffernan
ActionOI Program Coordinator
"Before working with Truven Health, we had lots of data, but this data did not talk to each other...."
Tess Niehaus
Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications
"For the first time, we could quantify and truly understand our high-cost claimant experience. This kn..."
Henry Curran
Assistant Executive Director
"Truven Health helped get our physicians involved in the 30-Minute Physician Guarantee — which complem..."
Tom Comes
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
"It is very significant for our community to know that if they are cared for by RMC’s hospitalists, th..."
Brian Kendall
Medical Director, Hospitalist Service
"Without a doubt, we would not have been able to achieve any of this without your support, guidance, a..."
Jason Jobes
Director of Performance Excellence
"When you have a $6 billion program and you can squeeze out even a quarter of a percent in a health pl..."
Kathleen Donneson
CPHIT, CPEHR Assistant Chief Office of Health Policy & Program Support
"CareDiscovery gave us the ability to take the ‘gotcha’ factor out of review and replace it with an ap..."
Darlene Adams
Director of Quality Management
"The benefits of a patient having a personal, trusted relationship with a primary care physician canno..."
John Socha
Executive Director of Health Care Operations
"Our partnership with Truven Health helped us be fast to market with an innovative, costeffective solu..."
"With the scorecards, we have really engaged our internal business stakeholders for the first time. We..."
Don Broecker
Director of Benefits Strategy
"Utilizing Truven Health CareDiscovery, we were able to really drill down and let the data drive where..."
Susanne Lichter
Director of Performance Excellence
"For the first time, Elkhart General Hospital was able to quantify our position in the outpatient mark..."
Danielle Dyer
Vice President, Strategy and Marketing
"Utilizing this tool has allowed us to move core measures from a group of indicators reviewed after di..."
Courtney Salzl
Clinical Utilization Specialist
"It is estimated that an individual physician practice would pay a consultant in the range of $40,000-..."
Cynthia Blair
Chief Improvement Officer
"We strive to be the recognized leader in promoting health and wellness by demonstrating measurable im..."
Joe Taylor
Vice President and Enterprise Process Leader

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