"Ernie and I never intended to run a trucking company together. When we started out, and I was doing p..."
Ernie Hall
Fast Forward
"I find value in Truckstop Pro because I can negotiate with carriers right away and get instant refres..."
Doug Kerns
Star Logistics
"Truckstop.com has made our business more successful because it’s allowed us to streamline so many pro..."
Ashley Jankowski
BAT Logistics
"Truckstop.com’s products are easy to use and train on with instant access to training videos & help t..."
Lizzy Ward
Principle Logistics Group
"We’re always looking for ways to drive efficiencies and strengthen relationships via technology...."
Zach O’Haver
Director of Accounting
"Truckstop Load board is very user friendly, We use several load boards but this one is the most user..."
Nancy Loner
Buffalo Mill Logistics
"Getting Truckstop.com is the best investment for your company. You’ll make up your cost with the know..."
Richard Starl
9 Dawgs Transportation
"We love to use the mobile app. It is even easier than the computer...."
Terry Payne
Roadmasters Power Transport
"I have been using ITS Dispatch, and it saves me over 700 hours per year. It’s easy to use, accurate,..."
Huneycut Trucking
"ITS Dispatch is saving me 17 man hours a week. Worth every penny...."
Tommy H.
Thomas A. Honeycutt Trucking
"I just saw Truckstop Pro and my mind was blown. To be able to go to Phoenix and Houston and pull up h..."
Adam Sosna
"We chose Truckstop.com exclusively to move our excess freight and find loads for our trucks because o..."
Tennessee Steel Haulers
"I received my first payment by Pay today and I love it! It is so simple to use!..."
Lisa Stokes
Mega Xpress
"We basically wouldn't have a business if it weren't for Truckstop.com...."
Connie Dowdy
Missouri Sorting Service
"Truckstop.com has a mobile app, so I don’t have to be stuck at my desk 24/7. I can take my phone with..."
Shane Higgins
H&B Transport
"There is a lot of freight available. Truckstop.com helps me negotiate the rates or figure out what th..."
Brian Morrill

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