"The most important factor when fighting unwarranted claims is good documentation. Prolog keeps our do..."
Ali Nadoom
Project Engineer, Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait
"The Tollway covers 274 miles and has many remote field offices. Our Web-based Proliance system allows..."
Edward Wilmes
General Manager Illinois Tollway
"We chose Trimble because of its knowledgeable team and its ability to work with our needs and the val..."
Dan Sabo
Business Consultant
"In an increasingly connected world, drivers need remote access to information. This app gives them th..."
Cliff Dixon
Vice President of Information Technology
"We think mapping-grade GPS technology is part of the solution when it comes to striking the balance b..."
T.C. Christensen
Field Crew Member
"With Prolog, we were able to save our client approximately $500K by reducing the cost for change orde..."
Lisa Landis
Marketing Coordinator
"The project went well and we would use the same approach again. Through good planning and cooperation..."
Christian Fendt
SAK Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH
"We produced better information in less time. Without the scanning functionality, fieldwork would have..."
Denis Dubois
"The point cloud gave us the confidence to design and build our pre-fabricated panels with assurance t..."
Robert Cornell
Project Engineer
"We need accuracy we can rely on, so GNSS technology is gold to us...."
Tren Giles
Operations Supervisor
"Every hanger or brace for either system was modeled to ensure constructability, coordinated between a..."
Brandon Miller
"Access to the Internet to upload and transfer files back and forth from the field to the office has b..."
Joe Bright
Field Pipe Manager
"With this technology we'll be able to get a snapshot of the network at a particular point in time, wh..."
Noel Squires
Information Systems Manager
"The first benefit of the technology is being able to make adjustments to fertilizer prescriptions the..."
Chester Birch
Manager of Business Development of the Farm
"The Connected Farm has been a great asset to the farm by streamlining data management, eliminating th..."
Dan Moeller
Technology Specialist for the Farm
"With its Proliance solution, Meridian provided a product that was best able to facilitate our busines..."
Jeff Dailey
Chief Engineer

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