"Our strong data quality process means that at every Bonus Card swipe we are capturing home delivery a..."
Laura Vost
Business Systems Manager
"Having the ability to perform powerful data quality processes in the background within Dynamics CRM m..."
Raymond Aerts
Project Manager
"We had about 500,000 records in Oracle CDH, with a varying degree of duplication from country to coun..."
Hendrik Doeringer
Customer Intelligence Manager
"Trillium’s data quality solution was integral in helping us achieve the vision of a more efficient, s..."
Dries Van Dromme
Data Quality and Analytics Consultant
"Better data quality gives us more leverage to engage the right suppliers for the right commodities. T..."
Sarah Harvey
Lead Supply Administrator
"According to this concept, we chose Trillium Software for all specialized aspects of data cleansing a..."
Andreas Beckmann
Chief Data Officer
"Any errors or gaps in our asset data could potentially have a serious impact on the safety and cost-e..."
Martin Malin
Business Applications Manager
"Our goal was to enable businesses to take ownership of data quality...."
Marésa Bekker
Data Quality Manager
"Data is the DNA of our supply chain. Data completeness and accuracy are critical to our current and f..."
Andy Chapell
Head of Supply Chain Capability
"Trillium Software is integral to the creation and accuracy of BA’s single customer view. It’s essenti..."
Paul Shade
Head of business intelligence
"TS Discovery is great for proving whether data is fitfor-purpose. When it comes to identifying proble..."
Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Stafford
Ministry of Defence
"Trillium Software’s solution was the only package that could deliver the necessary functionality in b..."
Project Manager
"The goal is to elevate our architectural model to the corporate level...."
"With data quality being managed successfully, nothing now stands in the way of the Porsche CRM..."
CRM Project Manager
"We wanted partners with both strong technology and solid local expertise, and MDM and Trillium Softwa..."
Ian Kriegler
CIO, Absa Capital
"We considered the Trillium Software System mainly because the analysts at Gartner Group and Forrester..."
Lead Application Architect

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