"We experienced a ransomware attack on a machine that had our prior security vendor installed on it. F..."
Taylor Atkins
System administrator, DCIDS
"Our reputation is very important to our public trust. Securing patient health information across all..."
Greg Bell
IT Director, DCIDS
"Virtualization solutions like VMware NSX enable dynamic data centers. Agentless security with Deep Se..."
Rami Courtemanche
Director of Operations, Integra Networks
"By developing Deep Security in the early stages of virtualization, Trend Micro allowed us to provide..."
Nagwa Koressa
Founder, President and CEO, Integra Networks
"Our partnership with Trend Micro has been a critical component of Cloudticity’s success in the market..."
Gerry Miller
Founder and Chief Technologist, Cloudticity
"There are many quality security providers in the market. But we prefer Trend Micro because not only d..."
Bill O’Donnell
President, W. O’Donnell Consulting
"The customer service at Trend Micro is very responsive and knowledgeable—they’re always there when we..."
Bruce Jamieson
Network Systems Manager
"The defining point for me in choosing Deep Security was that it plugged directly into the hypervisor...."
Jason Cradit
Senior Director of Technology, TRC
"Deep Security is a solid product that has many powerful features and is well positioned as a leading..."
Richard D’Souza
IT Security, Independent Investigations Office of BC
"Everything that flows through NSX is inspected first by Deep Security. The first gate is NSX and the..."
Mo Faisal
Chief Information Security Officer
"As IT complexity and security risks have grown, Trend Micro Deep Security has grown without becoming..."
Thomas M. Cifrino
Technology Manager
"With trend micro endpoint encryption, we’ve been able to reduce our management expenses and cut our c..."
Tim Maliyil
"Armor’s primary goal is to provide security in a multicloud world. Trend Micro Deep Security helps us..."
Jeff Schilling
Chief Security Office
"With Trend Micro Deep Security, we can offer a security view across a multicloud offering. That’s wha..."
Jeremy Droege
Vice President of Cloud Operations
"In higher education, we have more to secure than a corporate network and less manpower and financing..."
"When we decided to change vendors, Trend Micro was at the top of our list. What we saw in terms of de..."

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