"Firstly, find partners who you can develop ideas and collaborate with for the long term. The industry..."
Marco Fogliamanzillo
"TrekkSoft is the way to grow sustainably, in an agile way in order to increase sales. In short, it is..."
Eduardo Aguilar
Chief Executive Officer
"Small business owners as well as large would be very wise to choose TrekkSoft. We started out as a 2..."
Dario McKinney
President of Marketing & Sales
"The best advice we can give to fellow tour operators is to seek the best work conditions for your emp..."
Roberto Gallegos
Tour Guide & Marketing Coordinator
"Always keep your activities at a high quality. Additionally, ask your attendees for feedback, for ins..."
Account Manager
"TrekkSoft is a comprehensive booking system where you will set up all your activities and tours. It i..."
Neil Joseph Woerner
Managing Director & Guide
"TrekkSoft is an easy to use product that saves time and gives tour companies room to grow...."
Curtis Rojak
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
"The main reason we chose to work with TrekkSoft was to connect to our distribution partners via the c..."
Christian Landis
Chief Executive Officer
"For our resellers, the booking process needs to be as easy as possible. They need to enjoy it. That’s..."
Michael Trummer
Chief Executive Officer
"Our guests are looking for adventure, getting the local experience, and small group tours. They’re tr..."
"We feel proud that we’ve helped our small community through laying the foundations for a sustainable..."
George Kourelis
"Our guests are looking for an authentic river experience. They want to get off the beaten track with..."
Les Rives Authentic River Experiences
"Our idea was to bring as many [tour and] activity companies on board one system. We wanted the whole..."
Kristian Jørgensen
Director of Tourism

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