"The Tradeshift platform is intuitive and easy to use and the help provided by the Tradeshift support..."
Simon Rassell
Group Finance Systems Development Manager
"We had our heritage of supply chain management and traditional web applications, then we brought that..."
Teunis Biemond
Chief Technology Officer
"Our partnership with Tradeshift enabled us to use their platform to build our Supply Chain Management..."
Rob van Ipenburg
Chief Executive Officer
"Our work with IBX Business Network [now Tradeshift] has completely changed the scope of our purchasin..."
Jacob Magne Landsvik
Head of Procurement
"It might be trickier with the smaller suppliers who invoice us only once in a while. Perhaps they are..."
Chris Law
Head of Transactions
"It’s incredibly important we have a business system that is agile, flexible and intuitive...."
Christine Reed
Director of People
"The rate at which Tradeshift onboarded suppliers and the high percentage of e-invoices received were..."
Gavin Turner
Head of F&A Operations and Quality position
"Together with our e-invoicing partner, Tradeshift, and our key relationship bank, Citi, we developed..."
Global Transportation Company
Group Treasurer
"Because of our partnership with IBX (now Tradeshift), we have managed to make our ordering process ea..."
Hilti AG
"We’ve recently added another 51 suppliers and have seen a 170% increase in invoice volume year over y..."
Jill Pickles
Head of F&A Operations and Quality position
"In collaboration with our key partners, Kuehne + Nagel’s solution is able to significantly improve th..."
Markus Blanka-Graff
Chief Financial Officer
"Together with our e-invoicing partner Tradeshift and our key relationship bank Citi, we developed a f..."
Roger Sutter
Group Treasurer
"The implementation of IBX (now Tradeshift) Purchase-to-Pay has made it possible for us to reach over..."
Jan Ivar Bjørnli
"With 44,000 employees across 44 countries, mobile capability was an additional benefit the customer w..."
Leading Corporate Real Estate Service Firm
"Not only was the transition to Tradeshift a success, Hapag-Lloyd also optimized several workflows alo..."
Thore Lindenmann
Manager of e-Solutions
"Just three months after implementing Tradeshift, Hapag-Lloyd has onboarded and improved several busin..."

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