"In less than a year using Tradeshift, ADM has improved its discount capture rate for electronic invoi..."
Nick Sheilds
Project Leader
"Tradeshift is entering the eProcurement and broader source-to-pay market as an antagonist with a radi..."
Jason Busch
Spend Matters
"Our work with IBX Business Network [now Tradeshift] has completely changed the scope of our purchasin..."
Jacob Magne Landsvik
Head of Procurement
"I definitely recommend Tradeshift, they're a very easy organization to work with and they make my lif..."
Gary Connolly
e-invoicing Manager
"We found that it's much easier to ask suppliers to onboard with Tradeshift when it costs nothing for..."
Mikael Darphin
IMO information Manager, Corporate Finance
"Tradeshift will allow us to innovate and improve collaboration and transaction efficiency across our..."
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols
Head of Shared Services
"The rate at which Tradeshift onboarded suppliers and the high percentage of e-invoices received were..."
Gavin Turner
Head of F&A Operations and Quality position
"The implementation of IBX (now Tradeshift) Purchase-to-Pay has made it possible for us to reach over..."
Jan Ivar Bjørnli
"Tradeshift works better. We would be very happy if you could acquire [this company] as your customer...."
Joerg Breidenbach
General Manager of Finance and Administration
"We’ve recently added another 51 suppliers and have seen a 170% increase in invoice volume year over y..."
Jill Pickles
Head of F&A Operations and Quality position
"Tradeshift’s platform ensures that something as simple as an invoice doesn’t slow down our 24/7 busin..."
Thierry Bellon
"The adoption of IBX (now Tradeshift) Purchase-toPay helped us realize increased contract compliance a..."
Ole Rasmussen
Special Advisor Procurement
"With 44,000 employees across 44 countries, mobile capability was an additional benefit the customer w..."
Leading Corporate Real Estate Service Firm
"Proactively adapting to changes is the secret of Dahua's improved efficiency and continuous progress...."
Meizhong Wei
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President
"Users find the Tradeshift solution intuitive and easy to use, which has helped us drive usage, increa..."
Daniel Timpe
Linde Gas
"PEPPOL has really transformed the way we do procurement around here. Our number of e-invoices has gro..."
Pål Røynesdal
Senior Advisor Procurement

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