"With Toast, I can get in and switch out a beer without shutting down the whole system. The ability to..."
Jeremiah Wallis
Sales Director
"Toast has made it so easy for us to see what items are performing well and what items are performing..."
Irene Li
Mei Mei
"I can’t tell you how much we love our kitchen display system with Toast. It’s an extremely valuable t..."
Matt Ruff
General Manager
"Getting funding through Toast Capital was a painless process. It took one business day to receive our..."
Timothy Sandoz
Director of Operations
"By equipping our servers with Toast handheld tablets, we’re doing at least two extra turns per night..."
Brandon Hunt
"We saw our ticket times go from over an hour and a half, to only 40 minutes. This has helped improve..."
Logan Hostettler
General Manager
"Servers are earning 25 to 30% more tips with handhelds at the table because foreign guests are educat..."
Eric Yang
Chief Information Officer
"Ultimately, Toast Payroll & Team Management allows me to spend more time with my guests and my food -..."
James Dumas
"The Toast API is key to the Eastman Egg app’s success. We need a consistent and reliable handoff from..."
Hunter Swartz
"Credit card preauthorization with Toast allows us to hold the guest information without keeping their..."
Ezra Star
General Manager
"With Toast, it’s so much easier to keep track of your restaurants and not have to worry about maintai..."
Andreas Xenohristos
Director of Operations
"I can easily pull up our most loyal customers and see that they have spent $1,200 at our restaurant t..."
Stuart Ward
"We love Toast. It has done everything we have imagined it to do...It’s clear to me that Toast has res..."
Jeremy Seaver
"Great POS that is easy to use, cost effective, and yet full featured. Love the "on the fly" reporting..."
Ryan Howard
Managing Partner
"We've definitely seen about a 15% uptick in revenue week over week, just from delivery and pre-order..."
Zack Friedlander
Managing Partner
"Toast provides a very fluid and intuitive approach for a line-level associate to interact with the PO..."
Christopher Staples
Director of Operations

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