"Tipalti has significantly increased our productivity. Paying publishers would take a week just to ini..."
Jeffrey Magliola
Vice President of Operations, Content.ad
"Using Tipalti has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money by streamlining a vital piece of our..."
Rob Lenderman
Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Boost Media
"Tipalti takes care of StartApp’s entire cycle of payments to developers, including sending out 1099 f..."
Keren Ofek
Vice President of Finance, StartApp
"In the short time we have been using Tipalti, we have already been alerted about multiple suspected f..."
Phil Jones
Chief Financial Officer, Mundo Media
"Workload has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. Tipalti..."
Richmond Ang
Assistant Controller, Tapjoy
"The system offers us a smooth, extremely cost-effective method to serve our thousands of publishers...."
David Markowitz
Chief Financial Officer / Co-founder, AdStract
"Using Tipalti has reduced our man-hours (and costs) considerably. We send weekly and monthly payments..."
Kevin Finlay
"We have a very complicated payout setup that used to take up to 5 days per month to complete. After i..."
Steven Gross
Vice President of Finance, HR & Legal Operations
"We had 2 dedicated finance folks who were reconciling payments each month, taking 48 hours to get bac..."
Tony Gilharry
Partner Operations Manager
"I’m sure we’ll be acquiring more companies, and with every one of those companies we pick up new part..."
Phil Newell
Director, Finance & Accounting IT
"When my CEO comes to me with a new project, he doesn’t want to hear ‘Oh, I need to process payments...."
John Pfeister
Head of Finance
"The ability to scale payments is a critical part of our scaling in general. It’s just so much of a no..."
Andrew Allison
"Tipalti Early Payments is the perfect competitive differentiator. We can pay our partners faster, the..."
Chris Brownridge
Chief Executive Officer
"Because Tipalti encompasses the entire payment management workflow, including payment remittance and..."
Guide Haarmans
Senior Vice President Business Development
"Tipalti dramatically simplifies the payments for HasOffers clients to their partners. It gives signif..."
Cameron Stewart
General Manager
"The sheer amount of data we have to deal with to pay out this amount of money to all our partners eve..."
Greg Kampanis
SVP Operations and Business Development

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