"Timely is what runs us. It’s cut out the need for a receptionist and that whole side of things. It’s..."
Ashleigh Scott
The Facialist
"Basically, it’s given us a whole heap of information that we didn’t have before...."
Carla Hunt
Clive Hair Clinics
"Timely acts as my clinic receptionist... and learning how to use it was a piece of cake...."
Rachel Ah Kit
Bodyworks Massage Therapy
"I just love how they are really proactive at Timely, and they listen to their users...."
Rochelle Muir
Real Training & Massage
"Timely is the best, most professional and productive business decision I have ever made...."
Jess Rule
Results Rule
"Timely gives us the latest technology to take our business forward. If you have software that continu..."
Karl Radel
"It’s convenient, it's easy, and it lets you send emails and text messages to your clients to build be..."
Kate Lugtigheid
"Working with Timely is so logical and simple - and I love that it marries with our bank account, and..."
Rachel Qiolevu
Salon FiftyThree
"Our salon and the baby were both born last year, so it feels like having two kids. I always worry, ca..."
Megumi Kida
Kida NYC
"Once we realized what Timely could do we went live after 10 days...."
Rupal Shah
Divine London
"My only regret is that we didn’t change sooner...."
Megan Murano
Insight Creative

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