"Staff at BBIS have quick access to the information, procedures and systems they need to undertake all..."
Balfour Beatty
"Integrating the TIBCO-based portal with our business systems has made access to information convenien..."
Kent Kushar
"We decided very early on that we would use process as the thread that would bring together the whole..."
Phil Richardson
Programme Advisor
"TIBCO´s solution has proven to be solid as a rock. It runs 24x7x365 with little to no downtime. It ha..."
Gerry Simon
EDS Chief Technologist
"Our experience of implementing a program of Best Value reviews across the NW Region has been invaluab..."
Phil Crooks
Regional Business Development Manager
"TIBCO´s software gives us a competitive advantage against larger competitors (with larger IT teams) b..."
Paulo Dos Santos
"We finished the data integration design, development, testing, and deployment processes in just three..."
Carl Ambrose
Senior Manager of IS/IT
"We were able to leverage the compliance requirements to also address some real operations and securit..."
Gary Long
Information Security Officer
"The engineering department is using Spotfire to put our fingertips on the data we need to help the co..."
Brent Haas
Vice President of Engineering
"In real time, we are able to alert our rapid response team to go to the bedside of a patient who is l..."
Christine Watts
Chief Enterprise Architect
"We’re constantly asking ourselves what is best for customers, and we knew that choosing what was best..."
Sean Banikin
Vice President
"With REST APIs that are revved independently of each other, we can deliver functionality to certain p..."
North American Telecom Providing Company
"One of the fundamental drivers of change in healthcare is called ‘interoperability’ which is the abil..."
Todd Fritsche
Vice President of Components and Platform evelopment
"The TIBCO technologies we chose included TIBCO BusinessEvents® streaming analytics; TIBCO BusinessWor..."
Eric Yablonka
Chief Executive Officer
"Insightful Corporation has been delivering proven analytic solutions to Wall Street for more than 15..."
Andrew Clark
Senior Research Analyst
"We are now able to leverage information from the microarray plate form, which was virtually impossibl..."
Paul Delmar
Information Technology/ Bioinformatics

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