"With tibbr, we now have a space for continuous and organized knowledge sharing, and more immediate an..."
Jacqui Walford
Director of Marketing & Business Development
"[tibbr] is a way to put people together to work and get a great output when we have a complex problem..."
Sebastien Caron
Social Business Strategist
"tibbr provides a single destination for our team to carry out daily work activities and collaborate o..."
Adrian Butera
"[tibbr's] helping us on-board employees, and it's giving new brand partners context into everything t..."
Tony Lam
"We wanted to be more open, to be a lot more interactive, where everybody could express themselves, an..."
Andre Boisvert
Chief Architect
"We believe all employees are knowledge workers... sharing ideas and collaborating in a dynamic enviro..."
Fredrick Sjoblom
Head of Knowledge Management
"We wanted to integrate it with our products, we also wanted to integrate it with other technologies a..."
Jeff Bagby
Head of Social Media Platform
"[tibbr] goes beyond basic social communication-it is secure, mobile and integrates updates from vario..."
Jay Grant
Secretary General & Chief Executive
"The ability to be able to take a picture and immediately upload to my tibbr community and start a dis..."
Randy Wagner
Drilling Advisor
"We are confident that everything that we do with [tibbr] is going to be a major positive on [the bott..."
Ilkka Malva
Community Manager, CIO Office
"Social networking [delivers] reduced employee turnover and cost, improved productivity, better custom..."
Bill Bartow
VP/Global Product Management
"[Employees now] have one place where they can connect with each other, access their applications and..."
Herve Coureil
"We view ourselves as a service organization and the level of communication we have in the disparate l..."
Jamie Bragg
EVP of Operations
"tibbr enables us to quickly connect people with the colleagues and information they need...."
Larry Lewark
Chief Information Officer
"tibbr has been a real win for us in terms of allowing us to create a platform which has taken knowled..."
John B. Veihmeyer
"tibbr lets people freely communicate their ideas without worrying about functional or organization bo..."

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