"Electricity markets are data rich environments and conveying market trends and outcomes in a form tha..."
Allan Dawson
CEO, Independent Market Operator
"Within a few short weeks we resolved the technology we needed to support our U.S. venture, and now h..."
John Walker
Head of Application Development and Support
"A standard report for people with diabetes would mean better decision making and improved doctor-pati..."
Richard Bergenstal MD
Executive Director of IDC and former President, Medicine and Science, for the American Diabetes Association
"ThoughtWorks was instrumental in our adoption of agile and development of the Nimble Item Banking sys..."
Thomas Squeo
CIO of Measured Progress
"We wanted a project management tool that supported our unique agile development processes, while allo..."
Ali Dalloul
Director of Engineering
"Our software is now in operation in three languages and as we rollout to other international markets..."
James Cunningham
CEO, retailcommon
"DataWinners is being used across numerous sectors. One situation where HNI is making a huge differenc..."
David McAfee
"ThoughtWorks has helped IDT become more adaptable and responsive as we continue to grow. IDT is well..."
Aaron Warner
"Using our digital platform, Puku is able to help parents, educators, publishers and writers access, p..."
Bontle Senne
Managing Director PUKU Foundation
"With a commitment to lean thinking, the entire Roomz team has been iterating every part of our busine..."
Daniel Oertli
Co-founder, Roomz
"The virtually live feed of data on resources used along with the girls’ performance and attendance al..."
Dan Luton
Program Manager, Camfed
"Continuous delivery with Go reduces release time considerably, but more importantly, helps remove sil..."
Joachim Hefner
Head of Development, Verivox
"Mingle helped our teams and users to release predictably and is helping us to achieve better manageme..."
Anne Hermelin
IT Project Manager
"ThoughtWorks has played a crucial role in kickstarting the project and making it the success it is. W..."
Jan Erik de Boer
Executive VP of IT, Springer
"It was clear to me that what we had here was not an ordinary partnership. Instead, we effectively fo..."
Priya Jha
"Working in an Agile way, the team can react very quickly to customer-requested alteration and product..."
Ping An representative

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