"Other consultancies said it wasn't possible in three months. In 2011, we raised no funds by the go li..."
Daniel Lewis Toakley
Line Campaign Manager
"I was impressed with how quickly the team was able to get up to speed. Air travel is a complex indus..."
Yanik Hoyles
Head, NDC Program, FDS Transformation, IATA
"Within a few short weeks we resolved the technology we needed to support our U.S. venture, and now h..."
John Walker
Head of Application Development and Support
"ThoughtWorks has helped IDT become more adaptable and responsive as we continue to grow. IDT is well..."
Aaron Warner
"Mingle has raised visibility of all aspects of our development process, and has helped us become more..."
Dick McMullen
ITS Supervisor
"OzVote turned an experiment two weeks out into a 20% lift in total voter contacts on election day. Th..."
Darren Loasby
Deputy National Director, GetUp!
"ThoughtWorks was instrumental in our adoption of agile and development of the Nimble Item Banking sys..."
Thomas Squeo
CIO of Measured Progress
"ThoughtWorks has helped create a space for innovation, allowing us to experiment with approaches to t..."
Tanya O'Carroll
Project Officer, Technology and Human Rights
"The shift in the organization was palpable. That's the kind of top-line release of energy and capabil..."
David Jack
CIO, thetrainline.com
"Using our digital platform, Puku is able to help parents, educators, publishers and writers access, p..."
Bontle Senne
Managing Director PUKU Foundation
"I set out on a journey to transform how kids age 3 to 6 learn to read, but not just by creating anoth..."
Stephanie Dua
Founder, CEO
"Working with ThoughtWorks has been a pleasure. The initial planning session and the development of go..."
Drew Higgins
Operations Manager, Creative Team, AIME
"Mingle helped our teams and users to release predictably and is helping us to achieve better manageme..."
Anne Hermelin
IT Project Manager
"We could put our team spanning 5 locations and 3 time zones on the same page with Mingle's Story Wall..."
Michael Green
Senior Manager
"It was clear to me that what we had here was not an ordinary partnership. Instead, we effectively fo..."
Priya Jha
"Mingle flexibly adapts to our team's unique project workflows and implementation of the Scrum methodo..."
Sigbjoern Skjervold
Development Manager

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