"We immediately saved a minimum of 20 hours a week in terms of headaches, time and effort...."
Carla Jones
Chief Accountant
"Immediately following the implementation of the Tenrox solution, we were able to reduce our data entr..."
Gary Woods
"With Tenrox we saved three weeks worth of manual data processing every month. Even if we had no other..."
Kim Sommers
Director of Finance
"Part of our IT strategy is not to have to become application experts to use our solutions. Tenrox is..."
Mari Skippers
IT Business Analyst
"We save dozens of people-hours every week for a total of nearly 1,600 hours per year in both our acco..."
Benjamin A. Holtz
Chief Financial Officer
"Tenrox is a valuable asset for us. We use it on a daily basis; we’d be lost without it...."
Yousef Al Barkawie
Chief Executive Officer
"Our decision used to be based on a lot of manual work with spreadsheets. Tenrox project management so..."
Karen Oden
Financial Systems Analyst
"The fact that Tenrox offers a totally Web-based solution gave us more reason to move from our old cus..."
Angie Herb
Project Manager
"We are pleased with the Tenrox solution, which allows us to easily track progress on all our projects..."
Esther Dawolo
Project Management Analyst
"We have reduced the invoicing cycle by three days and are able to maintain excellent DSO (Days Sales..."
Jeff Hilliard
Senior Delivery Manager
"There are lots of benefits that simply make each person’s job easier to do...."
Kate Watson
"Tenrox has brought us into the present and positioned us for the future with a robust time, resource..."
Nancy Dawes
Business Analyst
"Tenrox Clouds PSA stands apart. No other solution was able to provide the ease of use, flexibility an..."
Hugh Mckechnie
Corporate Team Member
"Project Managers can now generate their own reports to track a project’s budget in dollars and time s..."
Bill Moyle
Office Manager
"Real-time insights and analytics is core to our business. Integrated dashboards and reporting provide..."
Dina DeMaio Smith
Data and Systems Manager
"Once we explained our perspective and the importance of tying the two systems together, the Tenrox te..."
Abbas Jalaledin
Director of Corporate

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