"EG’s Marketing Department has made over 200 presentations for different products and services, as wel..."
Stig Reinholdt Olsen
Visual and Graphics Specialist
"With Templafy, it has become easy for Ramboll employees to directly import relevant company content i..."
Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Corporate Branding
"I am happy to know that our brand is consistently presented across service lines and offices. In addi..."
Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager
"The rapidly growing number of emails sent from mobile devices and websites has increased the complexi..."
Sajan Parihar
"The greatest overall benefit of Templafy is that it’s easy for PANDORA’s employees to use and everyon..."
Kristian Lysgaard
Director, Corporate Communications
"From User Acceptance Testing to deployment, the Templafy solution has been simple to roll out across..."
Cris Hamelo
IT Specialist
"Templafy plays an essential role in our updated quality management system since all templates (both i..."
Mattias Eriksson
Digital Design & BIM
"On a brand level, we definitely come across as being more professional – there is less maverick conte..."
Sille Stener
Chief Marketing Officer
"Templafy has changed the way we work with Microsoft Office applications. Staff have taken to this, an..."
Björgvin Brynjólfsson
Digital Marketing Manager
"Our administration support on templates, documents and presentations is now easier – with Templafy, w..."
Pia Hvid Tønnesen
Digital Project Manager
"Templafy is a built-in program so if employees are already busy creating a report in Word and just wa..."
Sam O’Dowd
Senior Designer
"Any mass updates to document or presentation templates are far easier to make with Templafy, be they..."
Andy Furness
Digital Marketing Manager
"Our local brand management departments now can edit corporate content directly and apply respective c..."
Wakana Pivoteau Sakihama
Head of Corporate Branding
"We needed to empower branding units in different business entities to update corporate content for th..."
Global Shipping Group
Senior Corporate Brand Manager, Group Communication and Branding
"We have better control over documents and presentations being sent off in terms of how it looks and b..."
Marlie Freitas Dos Santos
"Using Templafy has greatly increased the possibilities for our company content and led to much less o..."
Henrik Hommelgaard
Branding and Design Manager

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