"The advantages of using TeamViewer are obvious. We save more than five hours of pure work time every..."
Katja Kreß
Head of LUSH Germany
"After using TeamViewer for a few weeks, we have a much smoother process and a faster turnaround for o..."
Mike Batchelor
SEO and Content Service Manager
"TeamViewer has increased our capacity to provide remote support by 15%-20%. The days we used to scram..."
Danny Lorenty
IT Service Manager
"I conduct all the training in real time from my office. Crazy how much time TeamViewer saves!..."
Gerry Belec
Director, Technology and Design, Global News
"I think that TeamViewer is a win-win solution. Being able to offer support on time helps the customer..."
Antonio Fiore
CEO and Founder
"We are able to log the sessions which is important for legal purposes, as it means we can show exactl..."
Knud Albrechtsen
IT Administrator
"Fresh water truly is the world’s most valuable resource. We use TeamViewer to directly assist the far..."
Kaj Mortensen Stoltenberg
Digitization and IT
"Simply put, TeamViewer offers the most bang for the buck...."
Rob Akiyama
Client Support Superviso
"We reduced the average response time for customer requests from 48 hours to 30 minutes. The customer..."
Gao Yichun
"Due to the flexibility and good user experience of TeamViewer, our customers depend on us more. There..."
Jeffery Su
Manager Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Department
"TeamViewer remote access tool has merits for both our company and customers...."
Atsuyuki Sato
Customer Service Department Manager
"With TeamViewer, we’ve been able to streamline our IT processes significantly and cut the time spent..."
Hanspeter Maier
System Administration Team Leader
"In short, TeamViewer is my secret door through which to enter and exit from the works of art even whi..."
Davide Coltro
Italian Artist
"TeamViewer has streamlined processes and facilitated IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which..."
José Antonio Alcaraz
IT Manager
"The use of TeamViewer results in significant time savings...."
Andy Lewis
Technical Services Manager
"Following escalation of a support case by one of our resellers, we took the decision to implement Tea..."
Richard Williams
Hybrid Services Ltd.

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