"Everything is working very well. I look at it maybe once or twice a month and then just let it run...."
Robert Cannon
"After researching what it would take, we realized U.S. sales tax wasn’t something we would contemplat..."
Steve Marsh
Head of Product
"Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. TaxJar is mandatory!..."
George Sleeman
Tax Man To You
"This would have been fine had I only had sales tax nexus in one state...."
Cynthia Stine
Online Sales Step by Step
"Time is really valuable to me, Especially when we make all of our products, too...."
Jessica Schumacher
Allegory Handcrafted Goods
"When I found all of TaxJar’s step-by-step information, it was like Praise the Lord, I don’t have to w..."
Tammy Pal
Tierra Buena Company
"Making the complex and tedious simpler and seamless. The overall ease of use and UI/UX are compliment..."
Raghu Kakarala
Managing Partner
"TaxJar ROCKS! Filing Sales Tax over several states and several platforms (Etsy, Shopify, Paypal, Squa..."
Kudu-lah Critters
"TaxJar provides a very simple service that saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Now I don't worry at..."
Coffee Joulies
"This app makes it easy to gather your taxable items in one place. It has great features that make it..."
"Highly recommend. Just what I was looking for!..."
My Ugly Christmas Sweater
"Only TaxJar ticked all the boxes. TaxJar’s price structure and features were right there on the websi..."
Medya Farshchi
"We couldn't be more excited to partner with TaxJar! Their solution takes the headache out of tax for..."
Paul Maiorana
Vice President
"When I started my business, there were just a handful of things that I thought I might not be able to..."
Brian Nash
"Having to hire an in-house tax compliance team would takes resources away from our ability to focus o..."
Mark Larson
Senior Vice President - Chief Financial Officer
"This TaxJar app uses the new NetSuite SuiteTax API to seamlessly sync your sales transactions to TaxJ..."
Chief Executive Officer

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