"Immediately, we saw that Talend offered a more mature and full-featured development environment than..."
Barry Sohl
Senior Vice President, Technology, Buffalo Studios
"With Talend, we can predict when passengers will engage core airport processes, enabling us to right-..."
Pietro Caminiti
Head of IT Solutions
"In every business sector, identification, analysis, and understanding of the customer are crucial fac..."
Raffaele Pasquini
Head of Marketing and Business Development
"In our business, if we didn’t have access to high-quality information with low latency, we simply cou..."
Steven Cochrane
Director of Data
"Talend has been at the core of this implementation and a significant contributor to the efficiency ga..."
Oana Iacovita
Head of Data Delivery
"We invent revolutionary materials inspired by nature. Data is a catalyst for our scientific discovery..."
Deven Dharm
Director of Software Engineering
"Our vision is to place data at the centre of everything we do at Tipico. All routine actions performe..."
Adrian Vella
Head of Data and Business Intelligence
"Without this underlying technology, we’d struggle to operate and meet our business commitments, and a..."
David Clifton
Enterprise Solutions Architect
"The ROI was immediate, from the deployment of the first project. We can now concentrate on future str..."
Yann Pilpré
Head of Information Systems
"With the power of Talend Data Integration, we have transformed our loading procedure in the context o..."
Nabil Elmernikh
BI Manager
"With Talend Administration Center integrated in the solution, we can manage both scheduling and opera..."
Christophe Varin
IT Operations Manager
"Imagine the airport as a highly complex system with many variables—late flights, bad weather, employe..."
Fabrizio Magliocca
Head of Operational Planning and Deputy Chief of Terminal Operations
"We are also currently conducting up to 24 to 25,000 interviews per year. We look at two issues to fac..."
Roberto Formica
Projet Manager on Service Quality and Improvement
"By extracting the information needed from the data and using it as a purchase forecast model, we have..."
Data Science Group, Chief.
"Because we were asked to achieve results quickly, we compared the top-rated data integration products..."
Hideki Ogawa
Data Science Group
"In fact, even employees who have just joined the company have learned the operations in about three m..."
Keita Haji
Data Science Group

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