"One of the things that I have been just wonderfully surprised by over the years is how well-focused T..."
Dave Holmes Kinsella
Director of Analytics
"We wanted to be able to draw insights looking at key performance areas - online advertising, operatio..."
Mike Princi
"Tableau really is so easy to use. Our analysts pick it up within a couple of hours; our end users pic..."
Lloyd Tokerud
Analytics Manager
"The vast majority of people learning Tableau are people in the business, not IT. And the feedback gen..."
Tom Brown
Managing Director
"The biggest data sets I've worked on have been about 10 million, and the query speed is incredibly go..."
Richard Leeke
"Tableau for us is a strong contributor to the success of our projects...."
Marcus Kresin
Head of IT and BI
"Once an individual begins to use Tableau, they want to access it every day. They find that they can i..."
Chief Information Officer
"As job labor is reduced a lot, the major advantage is the ability to concentrate on analysis—because..."
Ryoko Minowa
Digital Development Division
"Handok adopted Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server to empower employees in the field...."
Kyu-Bum Lee
Chief Information Officer
"My first encounter with Tableau was when I was working with other sports institutes who were already..."
Benoit Ammann
Deputy Director
"Tableau is highly recommended since it helps companies derive very helpful visual insights from exist..."
Arup Choudhury
Chief Information Officer
"what Tableau does so well is really highlight the value of social data by providing rapid dashboards..."
Todd Lloyd
Senior Director
"The Tableau team has been excellent with us. For instance, on the tech side, or on the sales side, th..."
Maurizio Pancorvo
Account Manager
"[Tableau] serves two purposes. First, it's operational. So on the day to day, they can just know ever..."
Brittany Paxman
Senior Director
"Other teams were doing their own thing. It was often easier for them to produce ad-hoc data solutions..."
David Bryan
Head of Academic Planning
"What used to take us fifteen days, today we can extract in a couple of hours and, with Tableau, alrea..."
Adriana Nunes
Technical Coordinator

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