"Our analysts were spending 80 percent of their time pushing data around in Excel, and 20 percent of t..."
Rebecca Ratliff
Director of Operations
"Tableau was built to be easy, and it is...."
Tim Kuhns
Data Literacy Evangelist
"Tableau is not just a tool, it's changing the company culture...."
Renato Chapchap
Superintendent of Operations
"Our market data and the supplementing software help the automotive industry to sell cars more quickly..."
Christian Maas
Head Of Communications
"Getting into Tableau and understanding the benefits of data science, I realized that the true benefit..."
Ben Hart
Senior Product Manager and Product Analytic Lead
"What we have been able to do is multiply our service capacity as an area for the rest of the organiza..."
José Rafael Casas Arboleda
Manager, Marketing Decision Analytics
"We can actually go look at that unemployment rate, see how many jobs we’re bringing in, and get excit..."
Miles Hutcherson
Technical Project Manager
"Now, the data from our Microsoft CRM Dynamic system is right there at the end of my fingertips in Tab..."
Tecora Duckett-Murray
Research Analyst
"This combination of data is incredibly powerful, It paints a connected picture between the work the d..."
Sally Avery
Director, Center of Economic Research in Tennessee
"Most of what we had was Excel sheets full of information that was pulled from paper forms once a mont..."
Carla Villoria
"With Visual Xpress, our clients will be able to use Tableau's data visualization software in conjunct..."
Don Gall
"What I think is so special about Tableau is that it's very easy to learn. It's simple to implement, s..."
Lucie Salwiczek
Data Scientist
"I’m able to do more analysis on the same data. A lot of the federal databases have such rich data, bu..."
Katie Scott
Statistical Research Specialist
"Business users can now handle the data directly, Since business users can now use Tableau, it is easy..."
Yukihiro Terada
Manager, Data Service Division, Data & Science Solutions Group
"In the past I was retrieving data and checking only numerical values, Now I can deeply understand wha..."
Kazuya Hirabayashi
Data Service Division, Data & Science Solutions Group
"Tableau is not only easy to use, but its strong design capabilities also allow us to create beautiful..."
Gao Liang
Data Engineer

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