"Since incorporating Tableau into our work, we’ve increased our project load by a factor of eight, our..."
Susan Baier
"We use Tableau a lot internally. It's one of our primary tools right now. It's as much an analytic to..."
Ken Rudin
"One of the things that I have been just wonderfully surprised by over the years is how well-focused T..."
Dave Holmes Kinsella
Director of Analytics
"Tableau has allowed us to look at data in ways we had never even imagined. We can now develop product..."
Cecil Mardis
Region 4
"Tableau has unlocked a huge amount of passion for me and excitement about going to work every day...."
Mel Stephenson
Managing Director
"In our organization, Tableau has undoubtedly paid for itself. The best ROI is that it has helped us p..."
Rajesh Lingappa
Chief Technology Officer
"Tableau has been a catalyst for cultural change in the company as it brought in the data-driven cultu..."
Prashant Parashivapgol
BI Architect
"The fact we can automate through Tableau Server means that we can turn data around quickly on a regul..."
John Wilkinson
Decision Support Manager
"Tableau has really made a difference in our ability to prospect and increase our market share of avai..."
Stewart Cowen
Enterprise Systems Manager
"Our senior management team also use Tableau to create geographical and visual representations of cust..."
James Mahoney
Business Intelligence Architect
"Our analysts can quickly manipulate data in ways that are a lot more useful to them than working with..."
Aaron Hall
Business Analyst
"Tableau gives us the ability to work together on the solution and then collaborate more effectively a..."
Andrew Aucott
General Manager of Business Intelligence
"Tableau provides us with all of the results that the organization wants in a very quick, interactive,..."
Jesús Vega Lopez
Subdirector of Information Security
"Dashboards help demonstrate marketing's contribution to the business. They help marketing teams gain..."
Béatrice Loriot
"Thanks to Tableau, we have significantly reduced the cost per acquisition in terms of channel optimiz..."
Sebastian Ranzinger
Head of Business Intelligence
"What we have been able to do is multiply our service capacity as an area for the rest of the organiza..."
José Rafael Casas Arboleda
Manager, Marketing Decision Analytics

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