"It had more of the features we were looking for, plus it was the most user friendly system...."
Karol Macolly
Vice President, Finance
"We fully expect SYSPRO will be a major factor in enabling us to streamline many processes. I know Pha..."
Kristin Brown
Planning Manager
"SYSPRO has really helped us focus in on where we had some inconsistencies and bottlenecks, enabling u..."
Steven Lewis
Purchasing and Production Control Manager
"The software gives us faster access to data, which, in turn, enables us to provide better customer se..."
Chris Kurn
IS Manager
"We are saving roughly $75,000 a year by taking over control of IT with SYSPRO. This amounts to roughl..."
Matt Cable
Secretary of the Board
"It has been nearly six years [since SYSPRO software was installed] and we have gone through three sys..."
Deborah Mahoney
"It met most of our criteria – about 90% of them without customization. What we especially liked was t..."
Dean Snyder
"We embrace technology, not for the sake of embracing it, but to add value...."
Russell Ziegler
"SYSPRO has great lot and pack traceability which is essential for us to plan our business and achieve..."
Toyota Tsusho Steel Centre
Finance Manager
"Our outlay has only taken six months to pay back – a really quick payback and great return on our inv..."
InterWrap Industries
Supply Chain Manager
"Using a centralized server, we can access real-time inventory information from any of our warehouses...."
WeighPack Systems
President and Founder
"Through the implementation of SYSPRO, we have been able to radically overhaul and improve operations,..."
Boss Design Group
Head of Operations
"With SYSPRO, we have visibility into materials at what price, what the market trend is and what shoul..."
Bhargav Bhatt
Vice President Supply Chain
"A number of technologies have progressed to where interactive bots can be added to enterprise applica..."
Ted Rohm
Technology Evaluation Centers
"SYSPRO got an early start in the digitalization movement due to their shop-floor integration, and the..."
Ann Grackin
ChainLink Research
"Using SYSPRO, we can develop and change sales commission structures on the fly to respond to strong s..."
Vincent Chong
IT Manager

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