"We can’t even imagine having made another ERP choice – SYSPRO has really surpassed our expectations a..."
Evan Derrick
ERP Developer Analyst
"SYSPRO is the right choice for controlling costs, optimizing the use of people and making investments..."
Melissa Regan
Director of Operations and Administration
"It was an intense and thorough exercise, but Jacto is very satisfied that we made the correct decisio..."
Edson Tamura
"The robustness of the SYSPRO manufacturing solution was a key factor in the decision to go with SYSPR..."
Michaela Higgins
"Our business has grown by 600% in the past 12 years, while our office staff has virtually remained th..."
Scott Ward
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
"SYSPRO has everything we need now and has capabilities available for future growth and expansion. Wha..."
Brad Sintek
Operations Manager
"SYSPRO’s use adds to an intangible efficiency gain that is allowing the company to handle higher volu..."
Dave Davis
"SYSPRO provides both strong financials and powerful manufacturing software that has the flexibility t..."
Matt Hancher
IT Director
"The SYSPRO implementation has put Bennett Tool & Die on the cutting edge of technology and given it a..."
Jeff Bennett
"Our current software packages could only count money and tell us how many finished knives we had in t..."
Dave Starkey
IT Manager
"SYSPRO gives us the ability to track multiple orders in the shop at various stages of completion, so..."
Jason Bills
Benchmade Knife Company
"Prior to the implementation of the system, we were managing everything. Now, thanks to reports that p..."
Strategic Diagnostics Inc.
Materials Manager
"In many cases a lack of control and flexibility were actually starting to restrict growth. SYSPRO has..."
Adrian Conway
Operations Director
"Using a centralized server, we can access real-time inventory information from any of our warehouses...."
WeighPack Systems
President and Founder
"A number of technologies have progressed to where interactive bots can be added to enterprise applica..."
Ted Rohm
Technology Evaluation Centers
"Using SYSPRO, we can develop and change sales commission structures on the fly to respond to strong s..."
Vincent Chong
IT Manager

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