"Our original deployment of SYSPRO was very different from where it is today, and we made this transit..."
Steve Hoogendoorn
Vice President
"Some companies specialize in only one type of product, Lone Star can easily reconfigure to produce a..."
Jerome Neuhoff
"Our business has grown by 600% in the past 12 years, while our office staff has virtually remained th..."
Scott Ward
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
"Prior to our SYSPRO implementation, we had huge inventory variances, but now our inventory has been o..."
Mick Whitlock
"After acquiring these two plants, we realized we could improve customer service, reduce costs and enh..."
Jeff Hedquist
Director of Information Technologies
"I attribute the company’s surging growth to a Food Manufacturing formula that includes creative, high..."
Joe Alonso
Chief Information Officer
"SYSPRO has been beneficial to our company since implementation. It has reduced human errors, assisted..."
R. Fred Webb
"SYSPRO has really helped us focus in on where we had some inconsistencies and bottlenecks, enabling u..."
Steven Lewis
Purchasing and Production Control Manager
"While the value of the computerized control of our manufacturing and accounting procedures is quite o..."
Hal Johnson
"Occasionally, products of one line may fit the distribution criteria of the other... SYSPRO supports..."
Val Custer
Chief Executive Officer/Controller
"Our outlay has only taken six months to pay back – a really quick payback and great return on our inv..."
InterWrap Industries
Supply Chain Manager
"We still have a huge degree of flexibility; however, because SYSPRO provides us with a much clearer v..."
New Zealand Pharmaceuticals
IT Manager
"Being able to take orders, get them pushed into the warehouse and sent out to our customers on a time..."
Ron Campitelli
IT Manager
"Through the implementation of SYSPRO, we have been able to radically overhaul and improve operations,..."
Boss Design Group
Head of Operations
"With SYSPRO, we have visibility into materials at what price, what the market trend is and what shoul..."
Bhargav Bhatt
Vice President Supply Chain
"With SYSPRO reporting capabilities, we can identify areas in our business operations that present ris..."
See Hoy Chan Agencies Group
Assistant Operations Manager

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