"SurveyMonkey Apply made it easy to collect thousands of applications and manage our entire review pro..."
Laurel Carlton
Director of Leadership Initiatives
"Customers should be featured in a positive way within their industry, so it’s not just about the prod..."
Devin Bramhall
Director of Marketing
"People really love giving their opinions on different things, so they like to pick and choose what th..."
Emily Elphinstone
Head of Digital Content
"We have increasingly used SurveyMonkey because we work with different brand clients that want to spea..."
Sharon Tighe
Head of Online Strategy and Insights
"We did 60% of our sales in Q1 outside the U.S. I don’t think we could have achieved these outcomes wi..."
Michael Zoglio
Head of Analytics
"So we wanted to make sure that people actually had the right selection that they wanted–so we used Su..."
Luanne Calvert
VP of Marketing and Communications
"We’re always surprised at just much much [customers] are willing to share their feedback with us...."
Phil Seward
Director of Guest Loyalty
"TechValidate breaks down barriers. It’s a 3rd party conducting the survey, so customers feel like the..."
Cari Goodrich
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Programs
"Sometimes I look around and think, thank you God for letting me work here. It helps me understand tha..."
Hector Garcia
Manager of Strategic Services
"SurveyMonkey Apply has been invaluable in helping us administer the Tillman Scholars Program. Everyth..."
Elizabeth O’Herrin
Director of Programs and Scholarships
"Undoubtedly, the content has been a big win for us in sales presentations. I remember the day we rele..."
Kelly Waltrich
SVP, Head of Marketing and Communications
"We work hard to produce a variety of engaging real-world content to help us move from a very agnostic..."
Darren Stordahl
VP of Marketing
"One of the really useful things about incorporating TechValidate data into our ongoing content refres..."
Robin Dishon
Marketing Copywriter
"TechValidate has helped illustrate our advantage through competitive analysis. On many of the surveys..."
Kristie Allison
Content Marketing Manager
"The really great thing about TechValidate is that we can tap into that 90% of our customer base that..."
Pooja Desai
Customer Reference Manager
"Another important result: we’re picking up additional new references from this platform as well. That..."
Craig Nunes
Vice President of Marketing

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