"Accessibility and ease of use for differently-abled users, as well as the responsiveness of Submittab..."
Heather Sobrepeña-George
Section Manager
"It blew our minds. All of our submissions flowed through that tool. We could assign them to people fo..."
The Atlantic
"Because of Submittable we're getting back on the Post Office's good side, not to mention the trees...."
Carey Salerno
Executive Director
"My inbox is weeping with tears of joy!..."
Elke Govertsen
"They've quickly evolved to meet our specific needs and desires...."
The Collagist
"Highly recommended...."
Five Chapters
"This process is more respectful to our applicants. We’re able to respond to and correspond with every..."
James Stephens
President and Chief Scientist
"For me, it’s important that the students I teach have experience in the industry, and I feel like it..."
Jodi Cilley
Film Consortium San Diego
"The Submittable application itself is really great for conducting a contest, judging it, sorting subm..."
Tom Strelich
Contest Organizer and Judge
"Our review process before was so messy. (With Submittable) we were able to extend the amount of peopl..."
Doede Holtkamp
Head of Partnerships and Investor Relations
"Submittable's understanding about competitions and challenges was really helpful—it took certain work..."
Karol Collymore
Senior Manager
"I would highly recommend Submittable to anyone who needs an application management system. We love it..."
Gregory Caswell
Interim Executive Director
"The team behind Submittable has made working with them an absolute pleasure and has helped us to put..."
Steve Pratt
Chief Executive Officer
"I looked at probably 10 different software platforms—we really needed a scoring system that was easy..."
Brandy Grove
Executive Director
"Having anonymous review promotes fairness. You’re not sitting in a room where the person who speaks f..."
Lynn Metcalf
CIE Faculty Fellows Director
"From both the Family Foundation side and the side of our grantees, it’s been wonderful to have a cent..."
Mariah McPherson
Executive Director

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