"Accessibility and ease of use for differently-abled users, as well as the responsiveness of Submittab..."
Heather Sobrepeña-George
Section Manager
"After 15 years of using our own online submission system, document conversions were getting more comp..."
Linda Swanson Davies
Glimmer Train
"We were looking for something we couldn’t find. This was the first photography competition we’d run,..."
Kit Shah
"Because of Submittable we're getting back on the Post Office's good side, not to mention the trees...."
Carey Salerno
Executive Director
"It's like all the old, heavy machinery has been replaced by bright balloons...."
Sheepshead Review
"Highly recommended...."
Five Chapters
"As a nonprofit, Submittable is a truly valuable resource and is allowing us to reach greater audience..."
Laura P.
Development Manager
"I can't get over how perfect it functions and how damn easy it is to customize the form. For my appli..."
John Calsbeek
Preparator & Assistant Curator
"When we began structuring the application process for our artists-in-session program, our staff spent..."
Allison Freedman Weisberg
Executive Director & Founder
"There were a number of other similar or related activities that [Submittable] has worked with that re..."
Dave Okamoto
Senior Marketing Manager
"Because Submittable is such an industry standard, we made the decision to completely switch over from..."
Lance Cleland
Workshop Director
"This process is more respectful to our applicants. We’re able to respond to and correspond with every..."
James Stephens
President and Chief Scientist
"Within 15 minutes I knew this would massively simplify my life...."
Geraldine Carter
Co-Founder and Director
"Congratulations to the filmmakers, participants and attendees for SHAPE, and to AT&T for promoting in..."
David Christopher
"We will always be a film festival, but radio and podcasts are enjoying a renaissance, and that’s not..."
Rachel Gregg
Executive Director
"We are looking for makers, hackers, engineers, artists, and companies who are working on innovative p..."
Grace Le
Director of Original Content

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