"Submittable was much more affordable and more user friendly and the customer service has been incredi..."
Meghan Modafferi
Manager for Education
"Submittable is tremendous...."
McSweeney's Quarterly & Books
"Because of Submittable we're getting back on the Post Office's good side, not to mention the trees...."
Carey Salerno
Executive Director
"Intuitive and powerful...."
Adam Robinson
Founding Editor
"We're thanking our stars we switched to Submittable over the summer. Our site was recently hacked, an..."
Dave Housley
"Slowly but surely Submittable is becoming a vital tool for anyone trying to run a magazine of any siz..."
The Newer York Press
"When we began structuring the application process for our artists-in-session program, our staff spent..."
Allison Freedman Weisberg
Executive Director & Founder
"Because Submittable is such an industry standard, we made the decision to completely switch over from..."
Lance Cleland
Workshop Director
"Our biggest challenge before Submittable was tracking applications, manually entering data, reviewing..."
Ayoka Wiles-Abel
Grants Director
"To have such ease with set up and implementation has been an answer to my prayers. Thanks for the sup..."
LaTrena Stokes
Scholarship Program Manager
"We will always be a film festival, but radio and podcasts are enjoying a renaissance, and that’s not..."
Rachel Gregg
Executive Director
"We are looking for makers, hackers, engineers, artists, and companies who are working on innovative p..."
Grace Le
Director of Original Content
"The Submittable application itself is really great for conducting a contest, judging it, sorting subm..."
Tom Strelich
Contest Organizer and Judge
"Submittable has helped streamline our processes, reduce redundancies, and increase efficiencies, spec..."
Justin Miller
Special Projects Administration Director
"I can’t imagine how we ever did things before Submittable. Using Submittable for the magazine allows..."
Holly Amos
Assistant Editor
"Our review process before was so messy. (With Submittable) we were able to extend the amount of peopl..."
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