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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Storis.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 9 case studies. Browse this list to see how Storis has worked with different customers like Brown Jordan and Bassett Furniture Industries.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Storis.

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For Brown Jordan, choosing a software partner with industry dedication became an important priority early on in their software research process. Brown Jordan had opened their first showroom using Excel and manual processes, quickly realizing the benefits that an automated software solution could bring.

Bill Snow

CIO, Brown Jordan
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A BUSINESS SOLUTION: Bassett had STORIS on their radar for several years, but their main concern had been converting the data of multiple retail systems. They ultimately decided to switch to the STORIS platform because they knew the conversion would be worth it for the following reasons: STORIS’ commitment to development, the flexibility of the system to support business needs, and the ability to grow the company without their software holding them back. Bassett got through the conversion with the support of STORIS’ implementations team and now have a unified, seamless business solution to operate their whole enterprise.

Rhonda Wilson

Director of Retail Systems
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THE CHALLENGE Furniture Queen started as an online business catering to small towns. The company took off as their retail concept proved to meet the needs of their target consumer. This included the successful opening of their physical store. The manual processes that once worked to keep the business organized were no longer easy to manage as they expanded. In order to support her plans to grow Furniture Queen, Melissa knew she needed to invest in technology.

Melissa Ward

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* VISIBILITY AND CONTROL- STORIS’ audit logging has been a huge asset. The system records any changes or actions taken with a user, time, and date stamp. This allows Hurwitz Mintz to accurately track the process steps taken, and pinpoint operational issues with ease and diligently implement improvements. The system greatly reduces the amount of exception reporting needed to produce better business results.

Glenn Bolton

Systems Manager
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Reflecting back on his search for software, Ron affirms, “I wanted a package that would provide us information in real-time, 24/7, in all locations. It had to easily allow us to create special order sales. It also needed to have financial integration and be able do all the right things with the sales data. And it needed to be easy to use! I was happy to learn STORIS offered it all.”

Jim Hering

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Ness said that going high-tech was a big culture shock to a lot of people at Old Cannery, and that the company did experience its share of challenges. “But, when most employees saw that it was really happening, they bought into it. They quickly saw how it’s streamlined our processes and enabled us to make fewer errors in order processing and in load outs,” Ness said.

Cris Ness

Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse
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STORIS allows us to do more with less,” Jabs said. “I believe it shortens the learning curve in our training process as the new interface resembles more of what younger people are seeing in every other software environment.

Jake Jabs

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Customer service is key at Babette’s, and STORIS helps them to achieve satisfaction goals. Ward said, “As a customer service driven company, STORIS is a critical aspect of our operations. We use the customer service module to manage customer service issues and enhance our ability to be responsive. An efficient customer service module allows us to change an angry, screaming customer to a lifelong friend. We are able to make timely phone calls, keep in touch with customers, and identify with each person each time they need assistance. This instills a lot of confidence into our business and creates customer loyalty.”

Babette Ward

Babette's Furniture & Home
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Homemakers is based in Iowa, a state with limited population, therefore they need to resell to the same customers over and over again in order to stay in business. Their retention and sales process draws heavily on past customer history to create a strong customer relationship experience. Homemakers was required to extract all of their historical data from their old ERP system during the conversation process. Merschman said, “STORIS was right there, supporting and assisting us. Would we do it again with them? Yes!”

Roger Merschman

Homemakers Furniture
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