"Customers are very impressed by Square. It looks clean. It looks inviting. They think okay, this is a..."
"A traditional bank looks at us and goes, you’re so small—nope! Without Square, we may never have been..."
"Our staff finds Square intuitive to use and has seen great benefits from the smart tipping feature...."
"Square provides the flexibility and reliability to ensure we can operate anywhere, while providing a..."
"We’ve seen a huge increase in sales since signing up. For a band on the road, Square is really a life..."
"We don’t want to spend time thinking about credit card processing and security when we’re doing an ev..."
"As Signed & Numbered is one of two businesses I own, I'm often off site. The ability to zero in on th..."
"I like to know what’s in the back of the shop when I am with customers...."
"With automated bookkeeping, I save 10-15 hours per week and am able to make real-time business decisi..."
"The Square Reader SDK allows an engineer who has zero domain knowledge in payments to build a secure,..."
"With Square Installments we’re able to close more sales. More people who come in to test ride a bike..."
"Square adapts and adjusts on the fly to the complexity of multiple stores and multiple employees...."
"I can see everything from anywhere, anytime with Square...."
"With Square, customers swipe their credit card, and I get paid by direct deposit the next business da..."
"We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for our customers, including making money. Our cu..."
"Patient health is central to all of our solutions. Our platform ensures patients are adherent by prov..."

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