"We’ve never had any complaints about the audio quality of the Spectralink handsets. These have been a..."
Iain Ronis
Director of Communications
"Spectralink provided us with a complete solution. The fact that the Spectralink wireless telephone lo..."
Dan Spinosa
IT Manager
"The solution is quick and easy to deploy with rapid user uptake...."
Alessandro Dellavedova
IT Manager Department of Experimental Oncology
"The Spectralink solution, integrated with Microsoft® Lync™, maintains the mobility of employees of La..."
Nicolas Monget
IT Director
"The old system proved to be extremely labor and cost intensive when we wanted to expand or improve ne..."
Einar Venned
Department Manager
"The Spectralink DECT implementation has met all our criteria for success...."
Peter Larsen
Senior IT Director
"The Spectralink solution matched our needs perfectly. The terminals have a good range. It is a soluti..."
Stephen Roux
Infrastructure Manager
"The Spectralink 84-Series passed our extensive tests with flying colors. While the LDAP survey did no..."
Michael Möbius
External IT Consultant
"With the new roaming telephony solution, we established a reliable, on demand communication network t..."
Andrea Cocito
IT Director
"The objective of the F.A.R.O. Foundation is to ensure the best quality assistance for its patients an..."
Dott Gloria Gallo
Manager of Hospice
"When the suppliers work so well together, it means we get a great deal of flexibility. I can only say..."
Kristian Buus
Telecommunication Expert
"Being able to contact each other so easily and quickly has really brought people together and they fe..."
Grant Ryan
Managing Director
"With the Spectralink system we were able to get the right information to the right people right away,..."
Robert Cox
Smithton Site Manager
"With the new smartphone solutions, we can now deploy secure texting to providers and ancillary clinic..."
Kim Velez
Clinical Informatics Specialist
"Spectralink was the best choice since it provides us with flexibility and has been very well received..."
Laurie Eberst
President and CEO
"Over the past few months I have only heard positive feedback regarding the durability, reliability an..."
Darin Merriman
United Communications Specialist

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