"We’ve been so impressed with the UTM that we’ve expanded out our installation to our BYOD and Guest w..."
Konrad Hutchins
Acting 3rd Line Team Leader
"We had virus protection, but we were still hit by a cryptovirus twice this year. Luckily, the company..."
Martin Geuze
Operations Manager
"As an organization that specializes in IT security and services, M3Corp has had a valuable partnershi..."
Antonio Mocelim
Sales Director
"Sophos really looks after us. The team are attentive and proactive, so we're all singing from the sam..."
Az Ashraf
"While other security vendors only provide add-on solutions, Sophos is the only one that's offering fu..."
Michelle Drolet
"Like the other Sophos products we use, Sophos Mobile Control has been great so far. Logical, easy to..."
Kenny Čačka
Network Administrator
"We run lean in our (IT) department. We needed something that worked, and Sophos simply works...."
Charles Wisler
Security Administrator
"The cost savings of Sophos was enough of a motivator on its own for us to migrate, but the integratio..."
Adam Creasy
Director of Technology
"We are quite impressed with the benefits we’ve experienced with Sophos. The improvements we’ve made t..."
Andrew Wong
IT Manager
"#1 in-in-the wild malware protection #1 Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) protection...."
MRG Effitas
"Since we’ve deployed Synchronized Security, it will be so easy to integrate Sophos Intercept X into o..."
Brother Philip Petrow
Benedictine Monks of Cleveland
"The Sophos UTM solution is excellent and perfect for rolling out a secure WiFi network in large areas..."
John Mikton
IT Director
"We’ve been working diligently to build our expertise in the security area, with Sophos as our vendor..."
Dan Russell
"We all know and like Sophos products, and they are always improving and developing with us...."
Alison Emslie
IT Security Manager
"We were always on the lookout for a single brand that could do it all and we found that with Sophos—s..."
Rhea Rowena Rivera
Head, IRM – TNS & HDS
"The installation was simple and straightforward with no hiccups. Security polices can be defined and..."
Winston Cordova
Network Administrator

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