"We wanted our own set of tools to manage our workflow, staffing, and performance, particularly around..."
Nina Yiamsamatha
Marketing Manager
"Time to market for the launch of our first language was only six weeks from signing with Smartling. A..."
Minna King
VP of Internationalization, SurveyMonkey
"Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform has eliminated a number of daily localization tasks, once requi..."
Silvia Oviedo-López
Localization & International Operations
"Smartling’s Global Delivery Network gave my team the freedom to prepare and publish a variety of mark..."
Kaveh Gharib
Director of International Expansion
"We built Dashlane on the belief that your passwords and data should always be secure, private, and ac..."
Jean Guillou
Co-Founder & Software Architect
"By keeping all the copywriting complexities invisible to our developers, we can quickly address marke..."
Manon Berdu
Localization Manager
"Our decision to use Smartling was about extending our team with another team that has expertise and c..."
Nicolas Beliard
Application Engineer
"Smartling facilitates collaboration on a global scale, enabling us to quickly create the most local c..."
Chad Westfall
Vice President
"We create a lot of country-specific content, and Smartling’s technology has enabled us to provide all..."
Jim Santanella
Director of Program Management
"Smartling translators are very involved and communicative… identifying the smallest typos and drawing..."
Addison Martinez
Marketing Professional
"Smartling’s platform is robust and easy to use, simplifying project management for localization manag..."
Yukio Noda
Sr. Localization Project Manager
"Our previous translation process was completely manual and often painful. And since we never knew exa..."
Colleen Fehr
Project Manager of Web Growth
"We’​d rather have ​our ​developers spend their time building product​ features for our customers​ tha..."
Franklin Angulo
Director of Engineering
"They continue to amaze me with new integrations and development of new features that make it easy to..."
"60% of our market opportunity is in non-English speaking countries… having a tool to efficiently mana..."
Medium-sized Software Company
"Seamless workflow for localizing native mobile apps. It’s made our localization process more streamli..."

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