"We evaluated different systems, but SmartDrive was superior. There was a significant difference in te..."
Brett Sant
Senior VP Safety & Risk Management
"The great thing about SmartDrive is how it really makes our drivers understand what they’re doing beh..."
Shelly Hall
VP of Safety
"After deploying SmartDrive’s video-based safety solution, we quickly identified the risk areas that w..."
Mike Little
Director of Transportation
"In the first couple of months, we had two traffic collisions and the ability to download the video an..."
Kent Kelly
General Manager
"The capabilities SmartDrive provides are head-and-shoulders above what we had previously—including mo..."
Kevin Desmond
Safety Specialist
"Our decision to partner with SmartDrive was based not only on their innovative technology, but also o..."
Doug Sanford
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
"We also practice a zero tolerance policy for driving without seatbelts and while using cell phones. T..."
Tom Merlino
Director of Safety
"By engaging drivers early in open dialogue about the benefits of video-based safety, we were able to..."
Mackenzie Schaffert
"For any transportation company, there’s no such thing as being ‘too safe,’ and this is especially tru..."
Candi Coate
Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance
"We have enough data now to say that SmartDrive has made a considerable contribution to enabling us to..."
Steve White
Head of Fleet
"We found ourselves reacting to accidents and situations, rather than training our drivers to get ahea..."
James Michael
Senior Operations Manager
"After seeing the results from the study with SmartDrive, selecting the company’s video-based safety p..."
Steve Ward
Corporate Director of Environmental Health and Safety
"Within the first week of having the SmartDrive program, we had a sideswipe event where the driver tri..."
Dan Baillargeon
Conico Oil
"The SmartDrive program allows us to reward our drivers, as well as provide specific and tailored feed..."
Jack Schunk
Driver Safety Training Leader and Former Driver
"Video allows us to identify and address risks before a collision occurs, and the SmartDrive program p..."
Barry Wertz
Director of Risk Management and Safety
"I would tell any fleet that isn’t using cameras in their trucks, they’re crazy. One accident can be h..."
Dave Burrow
General Manager

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