"Our implementation specialist at SkyStem was great. She gave excellent advice on best practices and w..."
Hugo S
VP Controller
"We felt like ART and the SkyStem team were the best choice for Symmons. We believed the solu8on would..."
John Graves
Chief Financial Officer
"The team learned ART very quickly by referencing the user guide and taking advantage of the helpful a..."
Sean R
Symmons Corporate Controller
"Our trainer was able to share leading practices and show users how specific accounts should be reconc..."
C. Price
Accounting Manager
"I started out just wanting some place I could store and review things. My list of must-haves grew whe..."
Liz B
VP and Controller
"We wanted something that would help us work through reconciliations faster. We also wanted a streamli..."
Evelyn S.
AVP-Sr. Accountant
"With SkyStem’s ART, we have been able to capture real cost savings. Now that we’ve experienced this,..."
Steve E
Accounting Manager
"We felt like ART and the SkyStem team were the best choice for GTL because of their attentive support..."
Dan Erickson
Financial Reporting Manager
"The system reconciliation functionality is awesome! If there is a zero balance, there is nothing to d..."
Jamie Genesee
VP Controller
"Our primary goal was to manage account reconciliations, to have it done, and done well. After impleme..."
Corporate Controller
"Don’t get bogged down with thinking that your implementation has to be perfect the first time. We are..."
Tanesha Bundy
Staff Accountant
"ART should really be considered for companies that are looking for continuous operational improvement..."
Lisa Mothersbaugh
Director of Accounting
"It might seem overwhelming at first, but SkyStem made it really easy and user friendly for us to just..."
Karen Sweeney
Finance Project Manager

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