"NX allows us to design in a virtual space, see the design, and then go straight to the shop floor wit..."
Michael Goldin
President and CEO
"We’ve found that using Solid Edge with synchronous technology enables us to dramatically accelerate o..."
Ravinder Kumar Jhalli
Head of Operations
"Since we installed Teamcenter, designers are leveraging existing work instead of starting from scratc..."
Bob Schafbuch
Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Applications
"With the previous 2D process, hull design took approximately 2,200 hours. Using NX, this time has bee..."
Pieter Schouten
ICT Manager
"Solid Edge, with its 3D design power and versatile features, gives our designers the tools they need..."
Simon Jeffery
Engineering Director and Head of Design
"With Teamcenter as the access point for all teams, designers and production engineers can work togeth..."
David Pike
Operations Director
"We are also building a library of standard parts in Teamcenter so we can re-use design data, and that..."
Nick Ranzetta
Mechanical Design Engineering Manager
"Part of the reason our car does so well is that our students are good at solving problems and thinkin..."
Steve Shedd
Chair, Computer Science Department
"We chose NX because it appeared to be the most appropriate for machining any kind of part...."
Iñaki Aizpurua
Head of Production
"NX lets you design and assemble and machine with none of the multiple package headaches. It gives us..."
Harold Morrison
Director of Machining
"Nastran models derived from Femap are universally accepted, so interfacing with customers is never an..."
Paolo Lazzarini
System Engineer
"Applications like this are going to make possible an engine system design process that substantially..."
Dave Mohr
"Our intention is to expand the business by offering a wider range of products in more countries. NX a..."
Howard Smith
Engineering Director
"We want to create new business from products that we have not supplied before. For that we need engin..."
Peter Butcher
Executive Chairman
"NX allows the design team to see fine detail without losing the big picture and that is an aid to inn..."
Gary Henderson
Head of Equipment Engineering and Central Engineering Services
"The clarity that NX provides is a huge benefit as we develop a product...."
Tracey Lofts
Engineering and Programs Director

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