"We use Shoflo for every event, whether or not someone is calling it live. Real-time production notes..."
Melanie Pherson
Event Manager
"We were able to see how efficient we were going to become by utilizing this product… it was just goin..."
Shelly Wilkes
Director of Event Presentation
"Love the fact that if I have a question someone is ready for a chat to help me whenever. Customer ser..."
LeAnn Bird
"Shoflo gave us a fresh start, revitalizing the way we worked with our scripts. The online platform wa..."
Chris Slepokura
Director of Broadcast Production
"We use Shoflo as our show calling software at my church. The ability is has given us to make changes..."
Aaron Spencer
Production Director
"I've been using Shoflo for 2 years and it's the best software out there. I won't do another event wit..."
Brittani Arrington
Event Production Manager
"For the first time in production history...Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organi..."
Chris Drury
"I have enjoyed using shoflo. It has made creating our services easier and also easier to keeping ever..."
Derric West
Technical Director
"It's hard to remember event life before Streamline began using Shoflo. Partially because I've blocked..."
Ellie Crumbaugh
Event Manager
"So far we've had a great experience in terms of ease of use, flexibility and great customer service...."
Steph Couch
Event Producer
"From my perspective, my day-to-day shuffling of papers and day-to-day worrying about consistency have..."
"Shoflo is helping me and my production team better serve our church and do what we’ve been called to..."
Andrew Stone
Production Manager
"Shoflo is cloud based and works with any device. With Shoflo, the stage manager updates the system an..."
Michael Rich
Technical Dir.
"We have been searching for a solution for our fully scripted, paper scripts that include staging, pro..."
Ginger Evans
Program Planner
"Shoflo makes us look so much better… when we first bring it to a client they are always impressed...."
Keith Oberfeld
Executive Producer and Owner
"As ShoFlo has developed, the ShoFlo team has been very open to suggestions for improvement and quick..."
Mark Neumann
KBO Group

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