"Schoology has helped us improve teaching and learning. Courses are now more creative, accessible, and..."
"A large group of early adopters were teachers who haven't always been comfortable using technology in..."
"We're excited about all the possibilities Schoology has created for our teachers and students. School..."
"Schoology has outstanding customer service...."
"I do agree that Schoology provides these learners with a lot of support, especially with that immedia..."
"We’re actually changing the way that courses are being delivered in EPISD. That’s a major shift. Scho..."
"Since adopting Schoology, I would say that student engagement, student learning, has gone up. It is n..."
"If Schoology disappeared tomorrow I think there would be a real vacuum in terms of communication betw..."
"The staff at Schoology is incredibly responsive to our needs and suggestions with a turnaround time f..."
"Schoology has had a huge impact on our students compared to other technologies. The device doesn't ma..."
"With the help of Schoology, a device and a college willing to allow access is all students need to ac..."
"Having Schoology as our educational hub allows Montverde to offer the most engaging experience to our..."
"We started researching Schoology for three reasons: its intuitive interface, its collaboration-focuse..."
"If we were to experience another disruptive event like the flu pandemic, the university would continu..."
"The Schoology Blended Learning PD Program has been fantastic in providing our teachers a pedagogical..."
"The district has 100% teacher adoption, with teachers using Schoology for their course structure as w..."

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