"SAP® InfiniteInsight® helps us put the right products and services in front of members at the right t..."
Daniel Mathieux
Member Insights and E-Business
"We want to provide our customers with the best experience, not only in flight but also from booking t..."
Pratit Santiprabhob
Advisor to the President
"We have a slogan around here – better systems, safer communities...."
Richard Host
CIO, Fire & Rescue New South Wales
"We wanted the robustness for which SAP software is widely known, and the trusted name behind it...."
Gavin Brown
Assistant Director of SAP Services
"In the hotel business, your people are everything. They are the lifeblood of a perfect stay. As we gr..."
Dipti Ahuja
HRIS Project Manager
"Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors solutions, we’ve arrived in the 21st century. With recruiting and onboar..."
Nikita DeCourcy
HRIS Project Coordinator
"The digital transformation of our sales helps us to place customers at the heart of what we do and to..."
Michael Stichnote
Global Head of eCommerce / CRM
"We want to learn everything about new demands and requirements at an early stage. End-to-end customer..."
Annette Hamann
Corporate Vice President Integrated Business Solutions
"The flexibility and scalability of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud are hugely beneficial to us. We can simp..."
Conwert Immobilien Invest
"SAP Ariba solutions allow us to keep procurement simple, removing any roadblocks so that staff can co..."
David Bury
"SAP Ariba solutions are advancing our vision for procurement while building up public trust...."
Jenti Vandertuig
Chief Procurement Officer
"Innovation is our basis. Only with constant transformation can we continue to deliver top products an..."
Jiayong Zhang
"In the implementation project with SAP, we formulated a series of rules and regulations, laying a sol..."
Zhonghai Fei
"Implementing the SAP SuccessFactors solution was a strategic investment for the whole company. Manage..."
Annika Lootus
Head of Employee Management and HR
"The team at our SAP Innovation Control Center provided necessary guidance, expertise, and support to..."
Vladislav Sarnatsky
Corporate Systems Director
"Our partnership with SAP Hybris Expert Services has been critical to our success. They brought strate..."
Jim Ferolo
Vice President, Digital & Marketing Tech

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