"With the efciencies we’ve gained through Sage Intacct, we’ve kept our staf size low even as we double..."
Aaron Goin
Finance Director
"With Sage Intacct's modern financial management solution, we’ve left the dark ages of software behind..."
Stacie Porter
Director of Finance
"We make a change in Salesforce and the data is instantly updated in Intacct, and vice versa. We now h..."
Kent Hudson
CEO and Founder
"After a wide-ranging evaluation process, we narrowed our options down to Sage Intacct or Oracle NetSu..."
Celine Okoh
"The automation and visibility provided by Sage Intacct help us make consistent, measurable improvemen..."
Christian Eder
Head of Finance
"Rather than waiting weeks for month-end reports, the combination of Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insight..."
Eric Williamson
"Sage Intacct lets us drill into revenue and expenses for any project in real time, and ensure a huge..."
Debora Hester
Business Manager
"Sage Intacct has opened up a world of new possibilities for our business. A year ago, if you’d asked..."
David Hammack
President and Owner
"With Sage Intacct, we can now drill down into where we’re getting our money from, and how much of our..."
Christopher Sue
Chief Financial Officer
"We became overly reliant on massive Excel spreadsheets and struggled with fragmented, inaccurate info..."
Roger Bayramian
"The visibility we have in Sage Intacct increases my team’s credibility with everyone in the organizat..."
Mark Paepcke
Chief Administrative Officer
"Thanks to Sage Intacct, we’ve improved visibility and transparency across the board. The system is he..."
Dirk Wierema
Director of Finance
"Sage Intacct’s reporting brings predictability to our revenue and ensures accurate visibility for man..."
Bret Belcastro
Revenue Controller
"It’s been an amazing experience to take real-time, accurate fnancial information from Sage Intacct to..."
Sophie Usasz
Managing Director of Finance
"We would have needed to add 10 new people to handle processes that are automated in Sage Intacct. To..."
Joel Meriwether
Director of Finance
"Sage Intacct has freed me up to look holistically at the business rather than just focusing on geting..."
Kim Wegener
Director of Finance

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