"Next to our people themselves, Sage 100 ERP is the most valuable asset we have...."
Gary Wright
President and CEO
"I wish we had Sage Enterprise Intelligence ten years ago. It would have paid for itself before we eve..."
Marc Lefebvre
Vice President and CIO
"If you understand the power of data in your business decision making, you’ll instantly see the value..."
Mike Depasquale
Group Enterprise System Manager
"I’m actually glad now that QuickBooks didn’t work well. Its inefficiencies forced us to move up to a..."
Jonathan Saven
"Invoicing now takes just 15 percent of the time it used to. We’ve cut the time needed to find an item..."
Claire Hailey
Vice President
"Sage 500 ERP represents a headsand-tails improvement over our old system. Although it’s very powerful..."
Elizabeth Vaziri
"Sage 100 ERP gives us the integrated functionality we need. We now have excellent reporting utilitie..."
Phil Crawford
"Sage 500 ERP blew Great Plains out of the water . . . Once I saw Sage 500 ERP, I told the Great Plain..."
Sheryl Auld
"No matter what business philosophy we adopt, we’re confident Sage ERP X3 can handle it...."
Chuck Davis
VP of Operations
"[Sage 300] saves me countless hours of work since I never have to rekey data. It feels great that I c..."
Cheryl Hodkinson
"[Sage 300] is easy to use and has all of the functionality our properties need. And thanks to its mul..."
David Beeby
Director of Financial Systems
"Before, I spent two weeks out of every month closing the books. With Sage 100 ERP I do it in a single..."
Elizabeth Deck
"We began installation in late August. On January second we were checking stock, shipping product, and..."
Robert Ostroga
"I’d put Sage 500 ERP and our reseller up against anybody else—or any system—anywhere in the world...."
Craig Neuhardt
Operations Manager
"Sage 500 ERP was definitely the right move, giving us the reliability and functionality we need now,..."
Bob Zweibel
"Our month-end reporting cycle has been reduced from three weeks to three days, thanks to Sage 500 ERP..."
Trevor Gould
Managing Director

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