"Saba enables us to plan, deliver, evaluate, administer, and report our training offer in the broadest..."
Ernst Bouwman
Manager, Learning and Development
"Saba Classroom enables us to provide clients with more flexible options of training delivery. Those t..."
Cathy Lowden
Project Manager
"Learning in an adult setting needs to reflect the learners’ jobs as closely as possible. It’s critica..."
Janice Watrous-McCabe
Senior Business Analyst
"Saba was instrumental in this, helping us to set up our course structures, linking personnel records,..."
Nilanjana Basu
Deputy General Manager
"Springer Medizin already offers a broad spectrum of specialist articles and learning media on topics..."
Matthias Wissel
Managing Director
"As part of upgrading Svevia Academy to version 5.5 of Saba, Comenius is improving the user interface..."
David Svedin
HRIS and HR process development
"Halogen automated our process so well, saving managers time and making it easier to write appraisals,..."
Kate Adametz Jenkins
Compensation Analyst
"Saba allowed us to train more people faster. We moved from 22,000 training days to 40,000 training da..."
Staffan Ivarsson
Deputy Director of Human Resources
"Halogen really brings best practices to the table. They are truly interested in helping you develop a..."
Sherrice Gilcreast, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer
"And so I think that's really the value in it, that people have an easy way to get to the training tha..."
Cornell University
"Our goal is to make Saba the repository for all things learning in the county. When we went through t..."
Adesh Siddhu
Director of Applications and Business Intelligence
"We eliminated right away those that were geared to very large companies and those that were not web-b..."
Margie Poulos
HR Manager
"We were looking for an online performance management system to replace our previous paper-based appra..."
Emily Lawton
Director, Human Resources
"The integration of Halogen's performance management and learning management solution has allowed us t..."
David Hofstetter
Director of Learning and Development
"Using this solution has eliminated business or people decisions being made in isolation, outside of o..."
"After hating the merit pay-increase matrix for 25 years, imagine my delight in seeing that Saba plans..."
Bill Kutik
HR Technology Columnist and Co-Chair Emeritus

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