"I believe mastering foreign languages is essential for successful business collaborations across coun..."
Jasmina Dakic
Sales Operations Lead, Market Access
"In a highly decentralized global workforce like Hitachi Data Systems the need to communicate clearly..."
Nick Howe
VP of Learning and Collaboration
"Rosetta Stone has enabled Interstate to literally talk the talk with regard to one of our core values..."
Bruce Barishman
Director of Organizational Development and Learning
"The learning is important, but the symbolism of it is huge. We are a global company. We serve a diver..."
Steve Lozon
VP of Labor Relations
"Who we build is as important as what we build. Rosetta stone has been a successful tool that has enab..."
Liz Tershel
Program Administrator
"The area of oral skill development is an area that our students have consistently struggled with over..."
Leslie Hayes
Director Adult Education
"What’s really great to see is that these colleagues are stepping up and are now considered for new ro..."
Richard Ward
Site Training Officer
"After just two months of study Rosetta Stone. learning saw a noticeable increase in their language pr..."
Krysta Orzel
Global Learning Specialist
"The key benefits of Rosetta Stone language learning are the ability to learn anytime, anywhere; at yo..."
Caroline Shearer
Director - HR CoC Global Learning
"The implementation of the program was really seamless because it's online, it's very easy to access...."
Melissa Johnson
Senior Manager
"Working with Rosetta Stone allows us to better serve our customers on and off the slopes. It also ena..."
Jeff Hanle
Director of Public Relations
"We have seen significant cost savings by implementing one enterprise-wide program that can be leverag..."
DeShaun Wise
Senior Talent Management Consultant
"Rosetta Stone language training enables our employees to deliver on our service philosophy and custom..."
Judy Whitcomb
Vice President, Human Resources and Learning and Organizational Development
"As we are a global company, covering many countries, regions and cultures, we believe that Rosetta St..."
Louise Paterson
Senior Manager for Human Resources
"The Rosetta Stone solution has enabled us to offer language courses tailored to the needs of our empl..."
David Moisan
Training and Skills Development Coordinator
"The attraction of Rosetta Stone for many is that we are not limiting our crew to those languages. Som..."
Jozien ten Zijthof
Foreign Language Coordinator for Cabin Crew Management

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